Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Cyber Monday Deals Still Left on Tuesday: Pitchers

Don’t fret if you missed all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals Yankees fans because there are plenty of good deals still left out there this season. General Managers don’t take the holidays off in most cases so hopefully Brian Cashman is in his office reading this right now. Here are 10 good options to bring to the club in 2015 if the Max Scherzer and Jon Lester rumors from over the weekend are proved to be false.

  • Brett Anderson, formerly of the Colorado Rockies, is just 26 years old and battled a disc issue in his back and a broken finger in 2014. If the Yankees can fix those issues or hope they are already fixed the team could get the once top Diamondbacks and Athletics prospect and not the broken down product we saw with the Rockies.

  • Gavin Floyd, formerly of the Atlanta Braves, is coming off back to back elbow injuries including a Tommy John surgery and a broken elbow. Presumably Floyd would command a minor league deal with a split contract this season and I would hand that to him every day of the week.

  • Jason Grilli, formerly of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim,  is 38 years old and more than likely going to take a one year contract from here on out until the righty decides to hand up his cleats. Grilli will not presumably request a closers role either which helps New York out if David Robertson leaves.

  • Luke Hochevar, formerly of the Kansas City Royals, is just 31 years old and not far removed from elbow surgery. While his 5.2 H/9 ratio is not great I believe he is far enough removed from the surgery to improve on that exponentially in 2015. 

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