Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Cyber Monday Deals Still Left on Tuesday: Positional Players

We’re back still hunting down the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals that are left over on this Tuesday afternoon and I found more than a few capable positional players that New York may want to take a look at.

  • Jed Lowrie may only be a shortstop on the back of his baseball card but if the Yankees signed him they would probably see an improvement in range and defense over what the team had the past three or so seasons. Lowrie can still produce offensively and wouldn’t be a terrible fall back option at second base if the team gave the reigns to Jose Pirela or Robert Refsnyder to start the season. This team is built on options, flexibility and versatility and Lowrie gives the team all three.

  • Alex Rios does not seem likely in an already crowded outfield in the Bronx but hear me out. The Yankees carried five outfielders last season with the idea of one of them alternating in the DH role. If the team can rid themselves of Alex Rodriguez, which I do not feel is likely admittedly, then a Rios deal makes sense here.

  • Like Rios the same can be said for Delmon Young who actually made strides with his bat and his defense in 2014 with the Baltimore Orioles. Delmon is not good enough to not need a platoon partner but it is worth mentioning that he hit a career best .312 against right handed pitching in 2014 while producing his best defensive ratings of his career. Could Young possibly be a late bloomer?

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