Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Alex Rodriguez the Glutton for Punishment

Alex Rodriguez is either:

A)     An idiot
B)      A glutton for punishment
C)      All of the above
Let me explain. Reports came out yesterday that A Rod was training with Barry Bonds. Ten years ago this would have been great news but after Bonds connections to steroids and Rodriguez coming off a season long steroid suspension how did this equate to being a good idea in his head?

Remember the now famous Instagram photo of Alex working out in the batting cage? It turns out those photos were taken in San Rafael at the Future Prospects facility that is owned and run by Charles Scott, a friend and Arizona State teammate of Bonds. Granted Bonds has also worked with Michael Morse, Pablo Sandoval, Brandon Crawford and other members of the San Francisco Giants there last spring but come on.

To play Devil’s advocate though can this really make America hate Rodriguez any more than they already do? Probably not. Can it make him better and more prepared for the 2015 season? Absolutely. No harm no foul I guess when you’re Alex Rodriguez. 

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