Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Reminder: Prospects Month 2015 is Coming

Every year since our inception with the exception of our inaugural year we have done prospects month for the entire month of February and this year will be no different. This time around may be a little different than last time around only because of the sheer amount of time and effort that this month takes but I promise to bring you the most, and the best, information on the Yankees farm hands that I absolutely can. Last year I went for an interview every single day of the month and honestly it took me nearly 3 months to line those up, send them out, type them out and bring them to you. Honestly I doubt I will get half that this season, and I apologize for that in advance if you were a fan, but I will bring as much as I can to the table like I always try to do.

Anyway I just wanted to give everyone the heads up that if you’re a first timer, check it out, and if you’ve been hear before don’t fret, it’s coming. Have a great day everybody. 

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