Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Are We There Yet?

I am so glad to be back and writing again. Sometimes forces outside of your control can unexpectedly arise at the most inopportune times. Yet, here I am back to writing about the greatest franchise in sports history. I have been hearing a lot about our offseason, and with all the moves and the Hall of Fame elections yesterday I am so behind on my writings. The Stephen Drew news is semi-new and honestly I had no idea what to think about this move initially. When the season ended there were a few whom I knew would not be back in pinstripes next year. David Robertson, Ichiro, Chris Young, and Stephen Drew were the most prominent on my list.

Yes, I had an inkling that DRob would not return, but the likes of Martin Prado and David Phelps were people who shocked me. I question this young Eovaldi boy and hope he was worth it. I liked the insurance of Prado more than the likes of Drew, but then again I am not Brian Cashman so I do not know where these moves are leading to and how they will pan out. Do I think another trade is on the horizon? I hope so.

I am not a fan of Drew, but I believe in his defense. Cash seems to be trying to mold the Bronx Bombers into the Royals of last year. We have an above average infield defense, a lot of bullpen arms, and some people who can occasionally hit the ball. If healthy we can compete, and we can win the division. Just still not sure what else can be done.

Cole Hamels is not worth it, and I would not want to deal with the Phillies knowing their price tags on their players. Hamels is not worth Judge, Bird, Severino, or anyone of our top prospects. No pitcher on the market is worth these guys. Should we sign Mad Max, no. I do not think throwing money at him is smart. James Shields is a much better option and at a reasonable four year contract I think I would take a chance with him. He would at least be a better clubhouse presence than that of Scherzer.

I know we are not ready, and there is still plenty of time before pitchers and catchers report but the waiting is unbearable. Hopefully more deals are made and maybe we can strike some gold during spring training with some minor league deals. The division is winnable, we just need to stay healthy and be smart; the things I worry about most. Here's to being back and doing what I love; Go Yankees!


  1. NICK SENTMAN.........
    Your name is new to me.Please allow me to welcome you to 'The Greedy Site.'
    Some fine baseball minds are here. A thicker skin may help you to ward off verbal barbs.
    All in all, a fine cast of characters live here.
    Our site mgr. is Daniel Burch. You'll find none better. A former New York guy.

    We now have newly expanded comment section ( it may get even longer )...on the left
    side of the screen.
    Read our posts, and if you like them, jump right in. We don't bite....very hard.

    Enjoyed your article. Well done. I think James Shields could be solid, as he has always been.
    Except when the Yankees send him screaming / crying back to his dugout.

    Hope to see your words again. Take care.

    1. Nick was here for much of the 2014 season but showcased more of his "Nick's Picks" then he did actual articles. I look forward to him expanding his talents and showcasing them here on the blog.

      I may or may not have one more new writer trick up my sleeve as well.

  2. The prado trade during the middle of last season was one of the better trades that cashman has made in a long time. He was affordable, not too long of a commitment, and boy was he good when he got here. I'll never understand why they traded him away with phelps no less, especially for a guy who the only thing he's proven is he can get knocked around pitching in the nl east which isn't half as good with bats as the al. I didn't get that trade nor the fascination with chase Headley who isn't that good outside of some hot streak that lasted half a season a few years ago and has a history of back problems. Same thing that hobbled my favorite Yankee the last half of his career. That was the tipping point for me when I knew this was gonna be a crappy offseason Headley is a mistake and I hate how he made prado expendable, big downgrade offensively, hopefully he proves me wrong. This offseason has been terrible and I'm not a guy who likes all the big long contracts, but you shouldn't acquire guys just because they are cheap. Talent should be what's most important. Hopefully all these stupid moves is all leading up to a smart one that we don't see coming

    1. I agree Joseph that Headley was probably not worth the contract, especially if it led to the loss of Martin Prado. Prado could have easily filled in at third base and let the kids (or even Stephen Drew) play second base and save a few years and a few dollars.

  3. Amen Joesph I agree with you on Prado. Be prepared others will tell you otherwise. Keep on posting

    1. I don't think anyone will say that we shouldn't have traded Prado. I don't think anyone necessarily liked losing Prado. He was a great fit for the team. Guy who could hit right handed in the #2 spot in the lineup and play all over the infield and outfield. Def a piece that will be missed. Especially when it was for Eovaldi.


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