Wednesday, January 14, 2015

As Long As Scherzer Is Available There's a Chance

I plan on fully taking advantage of this perfect opportunity to use a Dumb and Dumber reference and picture on the blog in case you are scratching your head right now. As long as Max Scherzer is available on the free agent market there's still a chance that the New York Yankees get involved. Honestly, the longer this draws out, the Yankees chances may increase with every passing day that Scott Boras uses the “no news is good news” excuse with his client.

There are no obvious suitors for Scherzer or James Shields for that matter which may force the hand of Boras and his clients to lower their demands. At the same time this may backfire and a team like the Detroit Tigers, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim or the Arizona Diamondbacks to name a few may pounce and get their man for a little more than they wanted to spend just because. We’ve seen it happen both ways in recent memory and neither would surprise me. One thing we will not be seeing with either of these men is another Kendrys Morales and Stephen Drew incident, they will get signed. Will it be with the Yankees?

Yes, I’m saying that there is a chance. This part of the offseason is where Brian Cashman does his most damage. The money has been shelled out and many teams are content and set with their rosters, now it’s time for Cashman to snatch up the best of the rest. This time though, unlike other times, the best of the rest includes the best on the free agent market in Scherzer. Stay hopeful Yankees family. 

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