Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Thoughts on the Johan Santana rumors

Ah, Johan Santana. He hasn't pitched in a few years, and the last time he did he really wasn't that great. He went just 6-9 with a 4.85 ERA in 21 games with the Mets in 2012, a season sandwiched between a couple lost to injury. Still, Santana's a guy with a likable history, so the fact the Yankees are reportedly showing interest in him isn't much of a surprise.

He was a stud pretty much every year from 2003-2010, going 122-60 while never letting his ERA surpass 3.33 or his WHIP 1.23. In 2004 and 2006, when Santana was still a member of the Twins, he even won 19+ games, helping him collect a pair of Cy Young Awards before getting traded to New York in 2008.

Then again, that was the Santana of the past. The current one, unfortunately, tore his shoulder capsule prior to the 2013 season before being bought out the following winter, and though he was inked to a minor-league deal by the Orioles last year, he's still yet to return to the majors. Maybe the Yankees should be the ones to change that, or at least try to.

Just think about it. Santana, a relatively-young 36, is said to be solely focused on adding onto his legacy, and doesn't care much about the money. That being said, the simple act of inviting him to spring training and maybe giving him a temporary spot in Triple-A if he's good in March can't hurt anything, especially since the Yankees' present rotation isn't likely to stay healthy.

I mean, is anybody here actually confident CC Sabathia will get the job done next season? I personally don't even think he'll make 20 starts, but even if he does, will it be pretty? What about Nathan Eovaldi? Chris Capuano? Basically, there are many questions surrounding the Yankees pitching staff right now, so bringing in someone like Santana for the sake of his potential isn't a terrible idea.

What do you think? We all know Santana probably won't contribute much if acquired by the Yankees, but should that really hold them back from signing him?


  1. As many injury concerns the Yankees have, they should stockpile as many options as possible. It's like Daniel has said many times. There's no such thing as a bad minor league deal.

  2. Signing someone such as Santana will give Joe G another vet to call on, before a farm hand that is out pitching both he and C.C.! That is the only question I have, with signing him.
    I understand the thinking behind such a move but, as far as I can see we do have a couple of guys that could step in and do a very vet like job. Maybe not be as good as Tank or Pineda, but better than what we will get from C.C.
    I think handing the ball to guys like Rumbelow RHS, James Pazos LHS, Pinder RHS and Tyler Webb LHPB along with Lindgren LHBP...isn't all that bad! Give Severino time to show what he can do in AAA for a few months.
    With the team we have now, there are so many question marks, we could conceivably end up with Farm hands all over the place.

  3. Well honestly Ken, the odds of Santana making it to the Majors is pretty slim. Last I heard, his fastball is sitting in the mid 80's. Out of all of the starters you mentioned, I only view Severino as the real deal. The others are behind both Whitley, Warren, and Mitchell on the depth chart for starters. Bringing Santana in is a long shot, but the Yankees might catch lightning in a bottle.

    1. Yes, they are lower on the charts, but I like what they have going for themselves. Lindgren, great up side but, a 1/2 year or less at AAA would help him get a little more help putting his Slider in the zone and braking TO the corners, not out of the zone. (Joba had the same problem)...great slider but 3/4 of the time it would break out of the zone.
      Severino, we both know, needs some time down on the farm, heck, he is what 19-20 years old and not one of those big guys either...look for him in the near future, I should say!
      Have a great day, Jeff!

    2. Santana would sign on a minor league deal anyway and would need more than half the season to simply reach 6-7 IP. I don't think he would necessarily block the kids. I could be wrong though.

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