Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Happy Veterans Day

My apologies for this being up so late, I had this scheduled on the Blogger dashboard and I hit 7:00 PM instead of 7:00 AM. My apologies once again.

I want to take the time to thank everyone and tell everyone Happy Veterans Day. Whether you have served domestically, abroad or are the family member or friend of member who has I applaud you for your sacrifice and your strength. Some may not appreciate the things you do and the hardships you endure but I certainly do.

And an extra Thank You to Mr. Ken Reed and Mr. patrick (always with a little “p”) Walsh for their service and continued support and efforts on the site and in the comments section of the site. Thank you!


  1. DANIEL.....very nice words. Thank you.

  2. WORM LIKE KEN HANS....I draw a line in the sand.
    You can stand pat, and remain spineless, trembling, and run away. ( Should be easy for you.)

    Or, you can cross the line in your sister's velvet slippers...and have at me.
    Level both barrels towards me, while standing erect to feel a returning broadside.
    Too much to handle for a Jersey boy ?.....You can do it, or maybe...........
    Want to settle this ?.....Cross the line in the sand.

    My guess ?...Silence of the lambs on your part. Too bad.

    1. Temper, temper young Irish lad, you trying to give the Irish a bad name? You know we are very peace loving, be nice and he may come back...come to think of it, no he won't.

      My bad, continue!

    2. HANS

      Big boy panties. Apply them. Come back, we miss you.

    3. Patrick you little fucking weasel and you Burch the king of hypocrisy. Levin had most of it right on all of you. I came back to see if things changed here and apparently not. You have the little bitch Patty girl who says he attacks no one yet he still continues to post shit about me. Patty you claim you and Reed are tough guys and grew up in a rough I live in crappy NJ and I should be in Credemore. Anytime you want me to venture to to your little horticultural world let me know as I would be more than happy to have you say it to my face. This would allow you not to hide behind a keyboard like you do so well. This would also give you the opportunity to show me just how tough a guy you are? I think you need to look in the mirror and realize you probably weren't told by your parents that they loved you enough. Sorry Burch this place is just a place that attacks people and no real dialouge can be given about the Yanks.

      God forbid some criticizes the WP. God forbid the stats backup an argument. I hate to say it the only guy that you can have a baseball conversation is the old man (Reed) even though he talks out of both sides of his ass most of the time. Have at my post and attack me all you want you will just prove my point especially you Patrick. For some reason you have people afraid of you because they are scared you will attack them. I find it comical. There Burch now you have it I came back. How do you like it now?

    4. Let me say that you have disappointed me greatly Ken H! We, or at least I, was hoping you would come back with vim and vinegar ready to face us intelligently! Come on, show me up somehow, I change my mind on things if I see I may be wrong or someone or thing is better.
      I don't lie, and I don't think I disrespected you when I had a different opinion then the one you had.
      As for the WP, I never said he was a great I have said he has the tools to be great (or not) but it will be up to him. The stats that matter with WP don't back you up at all, the win and loss record is the one that counts. There are about 50 pitchers in the league with sub 3.00 ERA's that don't have a winning record. Bottom line; winning is what you are remembered for, not ERA!
      This one is great, you want to challenge a 78-year-old man to a fight, that is great! Ten years ago, I would have put you in the hospital, now at this old age and a bad left hand, hip and back you may have a chance, but have your insurance paid up if you come after me. I am not a tough guy at all, I just know how to do what I had been doing for over 35 years and I was damn good at it...I'm still here!

    5. So let me get this straight. It's ok that I get attacked by your boy but when I attack back I disappoint you? Very interesting Reed. My point has been proven. Thank you

    6. Oh Reed your age has gotten the best of you. I never said I wanted to fight you. I want your boy who you chicken shits are all scared of to tell me this things to my face. You by the way said I was scared to comeback. Did you forget that? Come to think of it he won't come back. Those are your words not mine. I have been attacked constantly and have given back but I'm wrong and by the way Reed you and your little Bitch couldn't take me together on your best days. Hospital make me laugh.

    7. Welcome back Hans. Nice to see you again.

    8. Now that is what I wanted to see from you Ken H. If I were younger we may have had a little get together but I am glad to say I am to damn old for weekends in jail.
      Be all that as it may, you are very welcome back but lighten up a bit will you? The thing with Patrick is Patrick and nobody is scared of him, I haven't met the man I am scared of yet. Now, my wife, she is something else, she does scare me a little.

      Ken H, the bottom line is, you have to understand, I and Daniel (I am sure) are not trying to "Get you" as it were, just jabbing at everyone (even Patrick) every once in a while. A jab or two is not a big deal but, if it is constant BS all the time...that ain't too good and I myself had to put up with it before so, I understand.
      So, why not make a new start, and forget all the past...or not!
      I invite you and so does Daniel.

    9. Ken H, you said I wrote...

      "So let me get this straight. It's ok that I get attacked by your boy but when I attack back I disappoint you? Very interesting Reed. My point has been proven. Thank you"

      What I said was....

      "Let me say that you have disappointed me greatly Ken H! We, or at least I, was hoping you would come back with vim and vinegar ready to face us intelligently!"

      It doesn't matter but, why put a meaning into my words that weren't there at all? I was trying to complement you on your returning with an attitude of..."I ain't going to take it, I am going to stand up to you guys and have fun"!
      That is what I was hoping for anyhow!

    10. If you don't come back Ken H., who am I going to discuss anything with...or argue with, whatever the case will be?
      I do have trouble relating to some of these overpaid ego driven players...and I stress, SOME.

  3. Thank you Daniel, we all do what we were put on this Earth to do. Let's hope we all leave it a better place.

  4. Which reminds me, I think the gods were looking down on these young heads full of mush in the colleges today.
    Back in the day, a few of these political organizers would be taken to the wood shed and never be seen on campus again.
    Oh well, the teachers have been teaching them all this crap for years, now they can live with it!

    1. World's going to hell in a hand basket, and faster than I've ever seen. People are upset about a company not having snowflakes and reindeer on a coffee cup. Get a grip (and a life) people.

    2. Students that get so upset they can't deal with taking a test, just because someone used the "N" word and goes on a hunger strike! My god, the guy is a rich mans kid and has been at the college for 7 years...and never heard the word before?
      Someone should stand up to these teachers and the students and tell them, NO TEST, YOU Fail!

    3. Especially at that level, I agree. This isn't grade school anymore. This is not preparing them for the future, it's ruining my children's future and chances at a future.

  5. I get weary of hearing people say, "I WANT special treatment because I am a minority"! Why, should one group get special treatment over another? I don't want to hear about the fact they live in the HOOD or anywhere else...try getting an EDUCATION and a part time job! I did, so have many others that came from the Ghetto's of this country.
    Later in life one can look back and wonder...what the hell is going on with these little cry babies, don't they know; "life is a bitch and then you die"? Which in translation means, in the real world out there (and there is one, believe me) you will not be one of a group, as one is in college, you are on your own baby so quit the crying and get a backbone, stand up for yourself, not a group of people. Each of us has the duty to be the best we can be but not for a group...for ourselves. Do It!

    1. Did you see that one girl who organized and led a march asking for free college tuition paid for by the 1%. And then did you see her get roasted on Neil Cavuto??

    2. No, I was trying to get in shape for my thing with Ken H...just kidding Ken!
      But I did see that girl say that we should shut up and the 1st amendment was not for us...something like that anyhow.
      What a bunch of children, they only know what they have been told, it is no wonder they are mostly living at home with no job and no real understanding of the way the real world smacks you in the face after one comes out of college.
      Believe it or not, when I co-owned (I was busy elsewhere a lot of the time) Graphic Arts Company I had a guy come to me and say, "I am sorry mister (fill in the blanks) I don't think I can handle working five days a week, it is too stressful".

    3. To paraphrase she wanted the 1% to pay for hers and everyone else's college and Cavuto just kept asking questions about if she would pay for everything if she was the 1% and all that. Hard to explain, just Youtube it. It's an instant classic.

    4. I'll look it up, thanks.
      On another note, I guess that was just a drop-by visit from Ken think?
      Shame, because I sorta enjoyed him being around.


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