Monday, January 26, 2015

ICYMI: If the Yankees Sign Yoan Moncada

We all learned yesterday that the New York Yankees held a private workout for Yoan Moncada which made me wonder what the team would do if they signed him. Obviously at just 19 years old the second baseman would likely start his professional career in the minor leagues creating a pretty significant logjam in Scranton Wilkes-Barre. With Robert Refsnyder and Jose Pirela looking more and more likely to head to Triple-A to start their seasons would Moncada possibly force the hand of Brian Cashman into a trade?

There is a flurry of scenarios that could happen here including, but not limited to, trading either Rrefsnyder or Pirela (or both) to clear the logjam. This gives Moncada a clear path to the major leagues and possibly brings back the starting pitcher the Yankees have presumably been after all offseason long. This chain of events could also spell the end of the Brendan Ryan era in New York as Stephen Drew and Didi Gregorius could split time and bounce around at shortstop giving Moncada the bulk of the playing time at second base. Another scenario includes, although is highly unlikely, that Moncada can play third base (and he can, physically) and bumps Chase Headley to first base, Mark Teixeira to the DH spot and Alex Rodriguez and/or Garrett Jones off the team all together.

A lot can happen if the Yankees sign Moncada and it will likely shape the remainder of the offseason and the rest of the calendar year if they do. Honestly though, it will more than likely shape it in a good way for the foreseeable future. Bring me Yoan.


  1. The Winter Yoan Moncada Dream.........I agree with Ellijay Dan, there are scenarios in play here.
    Not a flurry, but a small handful.
    This is how an Irishman, having his first beer of the day, sees it.

    I still tremble, and dress like a women, when I harken back to last season's dead offense.

    So, simply said...Yoan Monada becomes the second baseman. Very early on.
    Stephen Drew should be offered to the Mets, at a family discount.
    I love Ryan's glove, but he can not hit / contribute. He must be moved to open a roster spot.

    Refsnyder, and Pirela survive the purge. Both can play RF, both can play 2nd.
    Youth, offense, and is good.

    Now for that second beer.

    1. Me thinks, Mr. Patrick, you harkened for some comments? Thus, we all came to your rescue, only to find you in a state of intoxication on one beer! You young man must pick up the elixir of the Irish...good old Irish Whisky!
      I commented a few times, saying nothing but gibberish, you can join in anytime.

      Pop another for all of us!

    2. Be sure to pop back around noon today as I have found a loophole for the Yankees to sign Yoan Moncada TODAY


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