Monday, January 26, 2015

Most Popular Article of the Week: We May See the Best ARod in a Long Time in 2015

The Alex Rodriguez comeback tour is a little less than a month away and the circus is warming up their tent just waiting for it. Honestly though if you think about it what does Alex have to lose and to prove in 2015? Alex is not going to the Hall of Fame, his final tally on home runs and numbers overall will mean little to nothing to most, his expectations from the team and the fans is as low as it has ever been and the pressure is more on a rookie shortstop than the man approaching Willie Mays on the all-time home run list and 3,000 hits. Could we see the best A Rod that we have seen in a long time in 2015? Absolutely.

We all know, no matter what he or anyone says, that the media and the constant questioning and spotlights affected Alex. It affected him on and off the diamond and only magnified in the playoffs. Who is going to be watching Alex all that close in 2015 after say his first month of games or so? It’s not likely anybody will be besides his fans, the few of us that are left, and that is when we may finally see the true A Rod. The A Rod without performance enhancing drugs and the A Rod without the media circus and fuss that usually accompanies him wherever he goes.

Alex, barring Alex being Alex (also known as bring an idiot), may finally get the chance to relax, get comfortable at the plate and have a pretty productive season. I am under no illusions that we will see anything close to his MVP caliber numbers at 40 years old (mid-season) and coming off a second hip surgery but I would be ecstatic with .270 20 HR and 65 RBI. I think the Yankees ultimately would be too in what has the signs of being an anemic lineup in 2015.

It may be wishful thinking and Alex once again may turn into his own worst enemy but if everything goes as planned Rodriguez may just quietly enjoy a good 2015 season. Fingers crossed.

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