Monday, January 26, 2015

Yankees Trying to Void HR Milestone Triggers in A Rod's Contract

This time last year many around the league as far as fans go were stuck rolling their eyes at every new lawsuit that was coming out of the Alex Rodriguez camp. Turn the calendar to 2015 and to the best of my knowledge Rodriguez has not sued anyone, although he has been sued by his former brother in law, but this time the Yankees are going after him. New York is trying to void the "milestone home run" triggers that are built into his contract that includes an extra $30 million for tying and passing some of the games greats.

New York does not believe they are on the hook for these five different milestone triggers worth $6 million each because the deal was signed as a part of a marketing deal. The marketing deal as a part of the 10 year and $275 million contract was meant to be profitable for both sides. The Yankees organization no longer feel the deal is profitable to them, and honestly they are right. The Yankees also, naturally, brought up his performance enhancing drug suspension and allegations for reasons to void the triggers.

Rodriguez will earn $6 million each for tying Willie Mays 660 home runs, tying Babe Ruth's 714 home runs, tying Hank Aaron's 755 home runs, tying Barry Bonds 762 and passing Bonds for the all time leader in home runs.

Here are the quotes from those associated with the team:

The Yankees, however, now view the marketing bonuses as worthless and invalid, according to sources, the result of Rodriguez's suspension for violating the game's collectively bargained drug policy and his scorched-earth attack on baseball and the Yankees. The club plans to do battle with its onetime superstar over paying the bonuses, and is prepared to fight Rodriguez if he files a grievance with the Players' Association.

Now, the Yankees will argue that Rodriguez signed the agreement under false pretenses and has rendered the marketing opportunities worthless based on years of lies, deception and, finally, admission to DEA agents last year that he had paid $12,000 a month to Anthony Bosch for steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs.

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  1. Well, that is one way to put the pressure back on A-Rod! I also think it is a little bit Low Class for a Team such as the Yankees! They have been nothing if not a High Class organization for the last 30 years or so. Now a cheesy thing like this, just to save a few $m....maybe $12m.
    They gave him the up to your bargain Hal!
    I will say right now, the attendance will not suffer from having him play...IF he can play well! Many fans have to have someone to hate and watch them fail...the bigger they are the more they want him to fail.

    Don't believe it? Just look what they tried to do or were doing with Belichick and Tom Brady, who in my opinion is one of the best Quarterbacks of this century if not more! The lesser of us, tend to try bringing down the best of us! It is called Jealously!
    Personally, I envy many people but, I learned very well the lesson of; "Know thyself and limitations"!


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