Thursday, January 8, 2015

This Team Continues to Lack Direction & Planning

The New York Yankees are officially making moves simply to make moves, I’m convinced of it, and there is no plan of attack and no direction for this team right now. FYI, before you comment in the comments section, mediocrity and failure is not a direction in my book, they are the New York Yankees dammit. For much of the offseason the team looked to be getting younger, more versatile, cheaper and more dependent on their own homegrown players and then Stephen Drew showed up.

I understand the signing, I truly do, because it gives the Yankees a true low risk high reward guy that can bounce back offensively and be a real bargain at only $5 million. On a win now team and an offensive juggernaut this signing is ideal because it gives Refsnyder one more year or at least a half a year, which I agree he needs defensively, to work on his tools and such and it also allows Jose Pirela a bench option. It also gives the team a true backup at shortstop if the team decided to move on from Brendan Ryan. The problem here is, in my opinion, the team is not a win now team and the team is not an offensive juggernaut.

Even if Drew bounces back and plays to the back of his baseball card or better the Yankees team will still struggle as a whole to score runs, again in my opinion. Drew does make the defense better but honestly Refsnyder, and WAR supports this theory, gives the Yankees a right handed bat that would truly help the lineup. Drew just makes it easier for opposing managers to bring in a left handed LOOGY and mow down more than half of our lineup in the later innings.

I’m not mad about the signing I just wish the Yankees would go one way or the other. Either go young, rebuild and retool on the fly or go all in and spend, spend, spend. No words right now. 

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