Sunday, January 4, 2015

What The Hell is the BYB Hub?

Every once in a while I get a Tweet from Mr. Robert Casey asking me and others "what the hell is the BYB Hub?" I know what the BYB Hub is but if you don't know what the Hub is then this post is for you. The Hub was designed by Mr. Casey and Bleeding Yankee Blue to get the up and coming blogs the recognition, views and exposure that so many of us didn't have when we were coming up. We came up here at The Greedy Pinstripes almost three years ago and we didn't have a BYB Hub to help us out. We had to write our asses off, plug the hell out of the articles on Twitter and simply hope for the best. Three years later and here we are.

Luckily for the 16 blogs showcased on the BYB Hub they don't have to endure that. The Hub alone has gotten over 2500 views in a time when baseball blog views are generally down. If you want to join the Hub then contact Mr. Casey on Twitter (@BleednYankeeBlu) and if you want to check out the Hub then click RIGHT HERE.

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