Sunday, January 4, 2015

Yankees 101 Writer Explains Why Yankees Won't Trade For Hamels

The idea of acquiring Cole Hamels from the Phillies might be a fun one to think about for Yankees fans, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's realistic.

Yankees 101's Michael Moraitis appeared to prove so Sunday, arguing in this article the Phillies' asking price will be too high for New York to reach. As evidence for his claim, Moraitis looked to the Phillies' treatment of Marlon Byrd back in July, when they reportedly demanded the Yankees give them either pitching prospect Luis Severino or outfield prospect Aaron Judge in exchange for the veteran bat. 

"So, if [Phillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr.] thought to ask for those two top prospects for Byrd," Moraitis wrote,"can you imagine what he'd be asking for in return for an impact starter like Hamels?"

The Yankees certainly don't seem to be looking for another rotation piece right now, and probably won't change that anytime soon. They already have five respectable arms on their staff, including two they've made deals with in the last month.

Indeed, the Yankees feel they have enough guys to compete at the moment, and Hamels may just be too expensive to make them change their minds. 

"The price [for Hamels] would be through the roof and the Yanks' GM has made it perfectly clear he won't clean out the farm for almost anyone," Moraitis continued. "Any combination of the two between Severino, Judge and/or [Greg] Bird would qualify as doing just that."

Hamels' current contract runs through 2018, so it's a safe bet the Yankees weren't planning to pursue him anyway. The team has maintained a stance of staying away from longterm deals so far this offseason, something clearly shown by their reluctance to re-sign David Robertson and Brandon McCarthy in December.

And Hamels' annual salary of approximately $24 million isn't too consistent with that attitude either, especially since he would cost the Yankees even more once the luxury tax is enforced.


  1. Jack Niemuth :.....

    Cole Hamels...Jack nails it. I seem to agree with him a lot.
    Philadelphia wants to rob your farm system, while the Yankees pay $24 MM year, for that to happen.
    Move on, and turn the page on this one.

  2. When the Yankees tried to acquire Marlon Byrd the Phillies weren't rebuilding, now they are. They traded Byrd for much less this offseason then what they asked New York for. It's a wonder what six months can make in asking prices.

    1. I thought the same thing. In July teams are still thinking playoffs, so they will either want somebody that could help get them there that season, or will ask for the moon since every other team is in that same mindset and may be willing to overpay to play in October.

      As my latest article points out, this is a really exciting time to be a Yankees fan. Sure, they may not go into the season as favorites to win it all, but the optimism for 2015 and the future is as high as it's been in 20 years.


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