Sunday, February 15, 2015

Meet a Prospect Cole Figueroa

Spring Training is ever so close ladies and gentleman, it’s so close you can almost taste it. Last season the team brought so many players to camp that players had to share jersey numbers, remember that? Anyway this year there will be 67 players in camp including a fresh new face over from the Tampa Bay Rays in Cole Figueroa. Let’s meet him.

Stephen Coleman Figueroa was born on June 30, 1987 to parents Cindy and Bien Figueroa and spent his college career at the University of Florida playing on the Gators baseball team. Figueroa was the starting shortstop for the team and impressed many teams there including the San Diego Padres who drafted him in the sixth round of the 2008 MLB First Year Players Draft. Figueroa was also drafted in the ninth round of the 2006 Draft but elected to not sign with the Toronto Blue Jays, seems like that was a good decision for him.

Figueroa hoped that his father’s baseball blood, Bien is a former major league player with the St. Louis Cardinals, would translate to a great career with the Padres but the team traded him to the Tampa Bay Rays on December 17, 2010. San Diego received Jason Bartlett while trading Figueroa, Brandon Gomes, Cesar Ramos and Adam Russell to Tampa. Figueroa saw his first major league at bat on May 22, 2014 after the Rays called him up and recorded his first major league hit on May 23, a walk off RBI double against the Boston Red Sox in the bottom of the 9th inning.

That to date is the highlight of Figueroa’s career as he is now a member of the New York Yankees and will fight for a position and a bench spot with the team in Spring Training. Go get ‘em Cole!


  1. Daniel.....of Muscle Shoals, Alabama....or there abouts.
    Two points:
    Yes, my secret survey came from MLBTR.
    Cole Figueroa...where do you find these guys ? Where did he come from ?

    1. Formerly of the Tampa Bay Rays and signed with the Yankees on a minor league deal. Didn't you read the article? lol

    2. COLE FIGUEROA...Ha Ha Ha ! Yes I read the article. Ha Ha Ha LOL ! Regarding
      " the fresh new face, from Tampa "...It didn't say signing a deal. I never heard of this
      guy, Ha Ha Ha...that's all I was asking...Ha Ha Ha LOL !

  2. Tic, Tic, Tic goes the Yoan Moncada watch.

    Below remarks, from today's New York Post :

    .......“We’ve let teams know that we’re receptive to offers and would like to be able to conclude this process as soon as possible,” agent David Hastings said of the phenom, who most consider best-suited for second and third base. “That way, Yoan can participate in spring training.”....

    Tic, Tic, Tic goes the clock.

    1. Hopes to sign this week... right in time for Spring Training.

  3. Daniel....I'll be serious with you.
    The addition of Moncado, if it happens, will greatly change the configuration of this team.

    This is your Lotto Pick. They must pull the trigger on Moncado, a young premier player.
    Add him, move the layers not needed, and give a shot to youth.
    I really think that Refsnyder will contribute, a lot.

    Tweak the rotation, and lets see what they can do.


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