Friday, February 20, 2015

Yankees Work Out Moncada Third Time

Another day and another private workout for the New York Yankees and Yoan Moncada. For the second straight day and the third time overall Moncada was at the Yankees minor league complex in Tampa, Florida working out for the team. 

When there is smoke there is fire, sign this kid already won't you?


  1. Alfredo ' The Mexican Gangsta ' Aceves, auditioned the other day for a handful
    of teams. The Giants amongst them.
    He could have pocketed a nice bit of change, as he moved on in life...older age.
    But he was not smart.
    I always liked him. Too bad.

    1. I liked him as well but he really stunk up the place last year (it was last year and not 2013, right?)

  2. LETS SCREW UP A GOOD shortening the game with a host of idiotic rules.
    What difference does 10-15 minutes make ? But, you need to change the format also ?

    People are nuts at times. Why baseball ?
    Why not ? NASCAR ? Soccer ? Arm wrestling ?....but baseball !

    One spends hundreds of dollars, once a year, to take their kids to the ballpark.
    They deserve all the game time that they can watch. They paid for it.
    Now they are facing being bum rushed out of the ballpark. For 10-15 minutes ?

    More stupidity from supposedly smart people. I don't get it.
    The slack time, was always bathroom break time anyway.

    1. I just don't like how they're basically punishing real fans to draw interest from not real fans. Someone who watches five games a year's complaints about the length of games shouldn't matter

    2. So you guys are complaining about not being able to sit there and wait between pitches or between innings. Huh?

      The game itself is not being affected.

      This is a "who cares" story.

    3. TV folks, that is the complainer, they want the time cut down to 3 hrs., they loose ad money in the last 1/2 to 3/4 hour of the game. The bottom line is TV MONEY!

    4. Yeah... so? The game is barely effected, so as a fan I don't really care.

      And cutting 10-15 minutes off the game time is not going to satisfy the casual fans that complain about the pace of play. And, honestly, baseball is doing just fine without those fans becoming die-hards.

    5. Bryan has it right.

      The fans that are already here will not be affected in any way except that they can go to bed a little bit early on weekdays. So what they can't get out of the batters box and they have to play the game and not stall and stand around all day.

      Yes patrick I pay to watch the game so let's play the game, not stand around and adjust out batting gloves and spit in our hands after every pitch.

  3. Some fans think they are bigger than the game, they will always be around for two or three times a year, right Jack? Whereas, the true hardy fans, will bring their kids and later in life, their grandchildren to the games, as many times as they can a year.
    True baseball fans are not the ones that bitch about a few more seconds here and there in the totality of the game, although....back in the day, many pitchers took it as an insult for a hitter to step out of the batter's box between pitches and made the hitter pay for it.
    They keep sissyfying all sports, the games are not the game anymore...not as it was played for years and years. It is now being fit into a box of time...3 hours...just for the TV company's and viewers. A pitcher can't protect his plate anymore without getting thrown out of the game.
    They let the hitters, play with armour the knights of the round table would be proud to have. Armour that lets the hitter lean over the plate or step into the plate with no fear of getting hit. There was a UNWRITEN rule...this was one that was enforced...the plate is the pitchers and the batters box is the hitters. Watch tapes of the older hitters say around 1965 and back, see if they step into the pitch or, lean over/crowd the plate as they do today. Now around 1/3(?) of the pitchers have TJ surgery traced back to lowering the pitchers mound.
    There are already too damn many rules in the game, many of which are not enforced by anyone.


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