Friday, March 13, 2015

Chris Capuano Out, Jacob Lindgren In?

Stay with me Yankees fans because if you're scoring at home this could potentially get really messy on the scorecard. So we already know that Chris Capuano is going to start the season on the disabled list after a Grade II strain of his right quad ended his start prematurely on Wednesday. While the debate goes on about who will win the fifth starter job, likely Adam Warren or Esmil Rogers at this point, I am not turning my focus to who will replace either one of those two in the bullpen. Could this injury potentially open the door for a Jacob Lindgren?

Lindgren has pitched well this spring and continues to earn the nickname "The Strikeout Factory" as his slider has been nothing less than impressive. Lindgren still has a lot that he can learn by starting the season in the minor leagues but he also has a lot he can learn by starting in the Yankees bullpen. Theoretically Lindgren would only be in the Yankees pen until Capuano returns and Warren/Rogers returns to their bullpen roles so a two or three week stint would not hurt his development in any way if he were to struggle but if he were to succeed... well the Yankees have the best bullpen in baseball and it's not even close.

Lindgren is the type of relief pitcher that Joe Girardi likes as he can pitch late in games, with runners on or to start a clean inning, can get left handed and right handed batters out and throws absolute gas on the mound. Personally I think Lindgren should have came up just to get his feet wet at the end of last season, the minor league playoffs were over and there was no good reason to at least not give him the Derek Jeter circa 1995 treatment, so you know I am beating the drum for him to be in the Bronx in 2015. The beat starts here...

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