Friday, March 13, 2015

Today’s Media is Why I Got into Blogging

Excuse me while I start the day off with a little bit of a rant. Sometimes, well generally, I just shrug off comments and articles that I consider to be “Bush League” or flat out idiotic because I know the game and I know the industry. People put stuff out there for the shock factor, to get people talking and more importantly to get people to read their stuff. I understand it and I can respect it to a certain extent but I don’t necessarily have to agree with it. Then there are times, like an article released yesterday labeled “Yankees in a bind without Capuano,” that really just grinds my gears. The Yankees aren’t in a bind whatsoever, they just got handed a chance to right a wrong and actually develop the young talent that they keep saying they are going to develop.

Without Capuano, who was barely mediocre in 2014 for New York, the Yankees can actually let a young guy develop and showcase his talents. The team may go through the growing pains like they did with Shane Greene in 2014 but they would likely come out better across 30-35 starts with Mitchell or even Adam Warren in the rotation. Anyone can see it, but that doesn’t garner views.

I don’t get it because when you read the title you think the Yankees are in a bind but when you read the article it is well written and lays out all the Yankees alternatives including Esmil Rogers. The article was well written but the title is deceiving. Why? You’re a great blogger I respect the hell out of you but you and I both know that you’re better than that. 

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