Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Headley says he and A-Rod have had no issues so far in camp

The relationship between Yankees infielders Chase Headley and Alex Rodriguez was expected to be somewhat awkward going into spring training, but at least so far, the two have had no problems.

Headley said as much during a recent appearance on the New York Daily News Yankees Podcast -- a feature hosted by beat writer Mark Feinsand.

Headley, fresh off his signing of a four-year/$52 million deal in December, is set to be the Yankees' starting third baseman this season -- a team decision that will likely limit Rodriguez to the DH spot come April.

But according to Headley, he and Rodriguez have gotten along fine over the first few weeks of camp, and A-Rod in particular has caused no difficulties as he attempts to come back from a suspension for steroid use.

"He's been tremendous to me," Headley said of Rodriguez. "[His presence] really hasn't been an issue."

Rodriguez said earlier this offseason he still believed the third-base job was his to lose, a statement quickly countered by Yankees GM Brian Cashman. Cashman said that Rodriguez -- who played solid defense in three games at the position this week -- is not currently seen by the Yankees as someone they can rely on, but rather someone they have low hopes for. 

Still, Rodriguez's return to the field has sparked an unsurprising media firestorm at the Yankees' complex -- one Headley says he tolerates and doesn't hold against the veteran. 

"You knew there was going to be the attention," Headley said. "But as far as any friction, there's been none and we don't expect anything."

The Yankees seem to already have an idea of what their Opening Day lineup will look like, and in the group they have used multiple times throughout the first half of the preseason, Headley has batted sixth and Rodriguez seventh. That placement could represent a higher club confidence in Headley, who has hit .364 in nine contests this month.

Headley maintains that he and Rodriguez are working well together, though, and says the possibility of tension between the two will have to disappear eventually.

"I think both of us have the same goal, which is to win a championship," Headley said. "And I think that when guys are on the same page, a lot of that other stuff goes away."

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