Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tony Clark has no Beef w/ Alex Rodriguez

The head of the Major League Baseball Players Union and former New York Yankees player Tony Clark (2004) has no beef with Yankees third baseman and DH Alex Rodriguez after his 162 game steroid suspension in 2014. This is news because during the suspension and appeal process that followed Alex filed, and later dropped, lawsuits against his own union, Major League Baseball and the team physician for the Yankees.

This has to be encouraging if you’re in the Alex Rodriguez camp when you hear rumors about the team refusing to pay home run milestone bonuses that were written into his contract. That is sure to be a legal fight that without the Union’s backing would be disastrous in Rodriguez’s favor.

Clark was quoted as saying:

“There were challenges throughout," Clark said Sunday after his annual spring training meeting with Yankees' players. "Everybody has come out the other side. He's part of the fraternity. The guys I have spoken to, a lot of guys have moved forward. The commentary I've heard this spring has been very positive."
"The opportunity to see him back out on the field, I'm happy for him," Clark said. "Seeing him in the shape he's in, I'm happy for him. It was a difficult stretch. I'm glad to see him back on the field."

Alex screwed up just like hundreds have before him and sure he took the immature and wrong route with it, no one can or will deny that, but it’s in the past. History is history. Let’s just play some damn baseball.

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