Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Former Yankees Pitcher David Wells is Coaching

Former New York Yankees pitcher, among other teams, David Wells has been trying to land a job as a professional coach in the major leagues since he threw his last pitch some eight seasons ago and Wells has finally landed a coaching job. It may not be the coaching job he envisioned when he retired admittedly but it is a coaching job none the less at his Alma mater with the Point Loma Pointers. The school has already named the field after him, the Pointers play on David Wells Field, and now the 51 year old perfect game throwing Boomer is teaching teenagers how to pitch.

Wells pitched the Pointers to a city championship 33 years ago as a player and now the 51 year old looks to bring another championship season to the school as a coach. When Wells was asked why he thought he hadn’t landed a job with a major league club despite having “all the knowledge and the big games that I’ve pitched in and being in the playoffs constantly” and why he had to settle for a job at his former High School Boomer responded with the following:

“I think they look at the fact that when I played, I was outspoken." I did my job very well. But I'm a grown man. I can do what I want to do, sometimes burning the candle at both ends. Those things happen, but I'm not that guy. If I'm going to take a job and be serious about it, I'm not the guy who played. I'm the guy that's applying for a job and trying to help out the organization. I don't think they've gotten over that yet. But it's no big deal."

As you remember Wells pitched a perfect game in a Yankees uniform inside Yankee Stadium in 1998 with a “skull rattling hangover.” Wells won two World Series rings, was a three time All Star and finished with a 239-157 record before retiring before the 2008 season and now he is teaching 20 teenagers at Point Loma High School in San Diego. You have to start somewhere Boomer, just keep your head up and have the biggest and best impact you can on these kids and the league will see the error of its ways eventually. 

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