Friday, March 27, 2015

The Future Yankees Are More Fun Than The 2015 Version

While I always try to be optimistic about the Yankees' chances of being good, I can understand why some people have their doubts.

"Prove me wrong."

Mark Teixeira's bat is too slow, Alex Rodriguez has had multiple surgeries and is pushing 40 years old, Carlos Beltran is 37 and coming off of elbow surgery, Masahiro Tanaka's elbow could explode on Opening Day, CC Sabathia's knee could give out while getting out of bed tomorrow morning, Michael Pineda's shoulder is far from "great", Nathan Eovaldi has to control that big fastball of his, and the list goes on.

The 2015 season for the Yankees could end with a World Series victory celebration, or it could end after the regular season with them at the bottom of the American League East standings. It's going to be that type of season.

So how about we forget what is going to be a crazy season and look to the future? I'm not thinking a year from now, I'm thinking about two years from now.

After the 2016 season the contracts for Mark Teixeira and Carlos Beltran will be over with, and I don't need the Long Island Medium or some other future telling con-artist to tell me the chances of them being re-signed hover around "none". And that is after the Yankees can say "goodbye" forever to Stephen Drew and Chris Capuano.

Yes, Alex Rodriguez's contract runs through the 2017 season, so he could very well be around. The way things have gone I think it's a pipe-dream that the Yankees would release him, and eat the remaining $20 million on his deal.

So what does that leave us with? Well, let's assume the Yankees aren't interested in future free agents like Ian Desmond, Justin Upton, David Price, Alex Gordon, Jason Heyward, Zack Greinke, Jordan Zimmerman, and Jeff Smardzija.

Position (2017 salary/remaining contract)

C - Brian McCann ($17m/signed through 2018)
1B - Greg Bird (pre-arbitration)
2B - Rob Refsnyder (pre-arbitration)
SS - Didi Gregorius (arbitration)
3B - Chase Headley ($13m/signed through 2018)
LF - Brett Gardner ($12m/signed through 2018)
CF - Jacoby Ellsbury ($21.2m/signed through 2020)
RF - Aaron Judge (pre-arbitration)
DH - Alex Rodriguez ($20m/signed through 2017)

SP1 - Masahiro Tanaka ($22m/opt-out after 2017 season)
SP2 - Michael Pineda (arbitration)
SP3 - Luis Severino (pre-arbitration)
SP4 - Nathan Eovaldi (arbitration)
SP5 - CC Sabathia ($25m/vesting option for 2017, dependent on health of left shoulder)

FYI, the total salary for those same positions this season, before taking into account players that are pre-arbitration or arbitration-eligible, is $176.7 million (that includes Chris Capuano's $5 million). The total for those players I just listed for the 2017 team, again... before pre-arbitration and arbitration-eligible players, is only $130.2 million.

I bet that your eyes jumped back up to that list of upcoming free agents.


  1. If Hal still owns the team in 2018 and I pray he doesn't he won't spend on top tier FA. No matter what the guy said on both radio stations he is cheap, especially for an owner of a 3.2 billion dollar business. You don't see the Dodgers backing off.

    1. The Dodgers are also looking to lure people after decades of mediocrity and anger towards Ned Colleti and crew.Hal has more of an established and stable fan base and hasn't hit rock bottom yet like the Dodgers did before they smartened up, sold the team, spent the money and got back into the game.

  2. You guys are spoiled, you grew up with the core 4+ and thought it was going to be that way every year.
    Hell, I grew up with the greatest winners of all-time, 16 World Series Wins out of 21 tries. Then the depression hit the Team, nothing at all from 1965 thru 1975 and again from 1982 thru 1994.
    And now because of three years not making the playoffs some of you sound like the world is coming to an end and want to pick up your balls and go home. Some fans you are!
    Yes, there are many problems with the team from Ownership on down to some of the contracts we have that are not productive.

    As I have stated a few times, the good teams had about 4-6 home boys and some of the rest were FA or trades. Which was detrimental to the Farm system, we always gave up too much for a player near the end of his rope. Everyone (King George etc.) forgot the keyword in any endeavor, "Balance" in the sports field, war, business or must have Balance! Spend when needed, trade when needed but balance all that with the kids down on the farm.
    Bryan's article above is a good one to read and think about, do you see how he has replaced players with our very own Farmers? Now that is the way to go, have any of you given a thought to the next 5 to 10 years at all? I kind of doubt it very much? Have any of you ever played 3 Dimensional Chess, you should try it, the first kills only mean something in the "now" of the game but, not the outcome of said game.
    For all we know, the Yankees are being taught to play like "Chess", not paying too much for guys ready for the downslide and using our own guys when they show they are good enough or better than what is on the market.
    If there had been a 26-30-year-old very good SS out there to be had (without giving up players we could use ourselves) then one goes for it...because of "need", not because we wanted him.

    1. The difference is Reed that you went through 65-75 and 82-94.. We didn't. These last two years, and possibly this year, is our 82-94. You know how it feels and what to expect, many of us don't. I don't anyway.

    2. If it is any consolation everyone handled it as are you guys are now, lash out at anyone and everyone, trying to find someone to pin this disaster and humiliation on. Thank god I was out of the country (for the first years) anyhow, I had other things to worry about.
      One thing to think more on is the wishes of "Stick" and Watson are finally coming into play.
      I know there are those that don't like Cashman, but he has been working on the Farm system for many years and now he has players (Not Stars) coming along. With a little luck, there will be more money at hand in the coming years to pick up a player we need here and there.
      If everything is done right, 2017 should see us at the top again, maybe sooner! So, just relax and have fun if the kids get to show their stuff it will be joyfull watching them grow with the team.
      So is my prediction!
      Right or wrong, it is what it is!


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