Saturday, March 28, 2015

Weekly Check In on Robert Refsnyder

If you have ever read any of my blogs you know that I tend to lean towards the prospect side of things with the winning side of things keeps me somewhat in the middle. It frustrates me, even if I can see and understand why the team does what they do, when players like Stephen Drew are signed when players like Robert Refsnysder are down in the minor leagues. I understand that Refsnyder needs seasoning defensively, I’m the first to acknowledge and admit that, but so does Drew so common sense would tell you that the decision maker should come down to a tie breaker if neither are really great defensively, and that’s the offense. The offensive side of the game is where Refsnyder far and away takes the cake over Drew and yet still seems destined to start the season in Scranton. With that in mind, like we did yesterday with Jacob Lindgren, we will try and catch up with Refsnyder weekly, or as often as we can, as I continue to beat the drum for his presence in the Bronx.

G: 18
AB: 36
H: 10
BA: .323
HR: 1
2B: 3
RBI: 4
R: 7
SB: 1

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