Friday, April 3, 2015

Yankees infield situation

By Eddie Sapienza
Right now the Yankees are having some problems in the infield. Coming into this season we thought that the Yankees would have a great infield defense which they still do but not as great with the injury of Brendan Ryan.

Brendan Ryan should be out the first month of the season with a Grade 2 Calf strain. Ryan is going to be the backup at shortstop for Didi Gregorius. So since Ryan's out the Yankees made another move yesterday.

They acquired infielder Gregorio Petit from the Astros for cash considerations. So now you must be thinking, why did they not get Refsnyder or Pirela for this role? Since the Yankees made a mistake and played Pirela in center field which crosses him off the list. But still why not Refsnyder?

Cashman will not give these kids a chance. The guys we have now are aging with a few exceptions and we need some young guys. Again where did the Core 4 come from? They were prospects they gave them a chance and look what happened they became stars.

Well since Refsnyder isn't playing Petit will be Gregorius' backup. Refsnyder has a great potential same with Pirela yet Cashman doesn't give them a chance. Right now the Yankees aren't the championship team they were in the late 90s and in 2009. They don't seem like they're in the position to win a championship.

Obviously Cashman won't face the truth. Refsnyder or Pirela would improve the Yankees infield situation much better than Petit. As of now we'll have to stick with guys like Petit being on the roster. Well Ryan will be back in a month so we won't have to deal with Petit. Besides we haven't seen Petit yet maybe he'll suprise us. The season starts in 3 days and we'll find out then.


  1. Refsnyder and Pirela cannot play shortstop, Petit can. Not that this is the right decision because with Drew on the roster he can always back up at shortstop but I'm just saying.

    Cashman isn't going to give the kids a chance unless he absolutely has to or injuries dictate it. I can't believe that the Yankees fans are now secretly hoping for injuries. It's come to this, and it's sad.

  2. If "G" can hit better than Drew and Ryan even a little bit, and plays a respectable SS/2nd...dump Ryan, Drew bring up Refy in a few weeks.

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