Monday, May 4, 2015

Blue Jays Face Off w/ Different Yankees Team Tonight

The New York Yankees and Toronto Blue Jays were inside Yankee Stadium on Opening Day when the 2015 season officially kicked off. Toronto bombed Masahiro Tanaka on Opening Day and was a wild gift wrapped 8th inning away from starting the season 2-0 before CC Sabathia took the mound for the Yankees in game three. As we all know CC hasn't won a game since the 2014 season and that includes the 3rd game of the season when the Blue Jays won the series with New York looking like the better team. That was April, this is May and this is a completely different team that Toronto will be playing tonight inside the Rogers Centre.

New York gave up 15 runs in the two losses to Toronto while only scoring eight runs including just one, a Brett Gardner late inning home run, on Opening Day. The Yankees defense looked more like the Bad News Bears then it did a team that was supposed to be much improved on the defensive side of the ball with the additions of Didi Gregorius, Chase Headley and a full season of Stephen Drew and Mark Teixeira. The defense made four errors this series but it should have been more if you watched the game and all the throwing errors from Gregorius that Teixeira and company saved while New York has committed just 14 more errors since. The defense will be much improved in this series as it has been up to date this season.

The Yankees offense was terrible in that opening series as well getting just three hits and one run in game one, four runs on seven hits in the second game and three runs on seven hits in the third game. Since the opening series the Yankees have 83 hits, 29 home runs, the team has stolen bases, the team has taken their walks and the team has flat out won. The Yankees have won five consecutive series including sweeping the Tampa Bay Rays and taking three of four from the Detroit Tigers.

The Yankees rotation has been better, the bullpen has been better, the offense has been better, the defense has been better, the fundamentals have been better, the base running has been better, the Yankees have been better. New York went from last place to first place in the American League East while the Toronto Blue Jays are in last place in the same division. A lot has changed since that opening series and this is a totally different team that Toronto beat up on to start the 2015 season. New York may have lost that opening series and the next two series after that but they won't lose this series, not if they continue to play like they have the last three weeks of 2015.

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