Sunday, May 10, 2015


As we all watched or have seen by now Alex Rodriguez hit his 661st (and almost his 662nd) home run of his career on Thursday night passing Willie Mays on the all-time home run list for fourth place. There are only three men standing in front of Rodriguez now and they are Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron and Barry Bonds in that order but that’s all the information I know, what I am more interested in is the information that I do not know. As we all know, and excuse my extreme bias and “homerism” here, the Yankees have the best, albeit spiteful, and forgiving fans in all of Major League Baseball. We want to win and if you help us win then we generally like you and cheer you on while you’re in the pinstripes. What really shocked me and touched my heart was the fact that the Yankees fans would not stop cheering after Alex hit his 661st home run of his career until Rodriguez came out and acknowledged the fans by giving them a curtain call. Dare I say it but has Alex been forgiven?
If you ask me Alex was always forgiven because I am a forgiving person in my nature and I know that I am the farthest thing from perfect. I truly live my life knowing and understand what it means if you throw a stone while you’re living in a glass house and it’s something I am trying to instill in my children as well. The question of whether Alex was forgiven or not was never a question in my mind it was always could I get others to see what I believe is the right way to be, and I think that I have. If I haven’t I think his home response every at bat, every hit and every home run has shown that he has, at least temporarily. Rodriguez did steroids that he received from the anti-aging clinic in Miami formerly known as Biogenesis but you know what? #FORG1V3N.

Alex presumably wanted to be Derek Jeter and have as much pretty and iconic eye candy on his arm that he could from his wife Cynthia to Madonna to Cameron Diaz to Kate Hudson all the way to Torri Wilson and has made a few mistakes along the way with each of them. You know what though? #FORG1V3N. Alex took steroids with the Texas Rangers trying to live up to the expectations that came along with the biggest contract in MLB history? #FORG1V3N. Alex thought he was too big for New York and the star of a team that employed some guy named Derek Jeter? #FORG1V3N. Alex yelled at a Toronto Blue Jays shortstop on a popup, slapped the ball out of a Red Sox’s first baseman’s hands and walked across the mound that some dude named Dallas Braden was pitching on? #FORG1V3N. Biogenesis? #FORG1V3N.

All the work A Rod has done with local charities in New York? #FORG1V3N. All the work he has done with the Yankees and HOPE Week at Yankee Stadium? #FORG1V3N. Alex worked himself back from a hip surgery that many said would end his career in 2009 and still hit 30 home runs and knocked in 100 RBI on the dot for the first place Yankees. #FORG1V3N. The 2009 World Series and playoff run where he bashed his way into the hearts of Yankees fans everywhere with clutch home run after clutch home run after clutch home run. #FORG1V3N. Alex worked himself back from a second hip surgery and a year off with a suspension to not only tie but pass Willie Mays on the all-time home run list while helping the Yankees win games and silence all the doubters. #FORG1V3N.

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