Thursday, May 21, 2015

How Many Wins Will the Binder Cost NY in 2015?

I’m sorry to do this to you all and rant, again, but I am really frustrated after this series with the Washington Nationals and the series before with the Kansas City Royals and the Tampa Bay Rays. When Joe Girardi came over to manage the Yankees to replace Joe Torre he was a breath of fresh air for all Yankees fans as he turned the biggest Yankees weakness, the bullpen, into a strength while relying on prospects to build from within, something Torre refused to do. Flash forward eight seasons later and the bullpen is a mess, I have to do weekly check in’s on seven or eight prospects because they are rotting away in the minor leagues and the binder’s guide to handling and removing pitchers when they are so clearly finished is costing us more games than CC Sabathia’s surgically repaired knee and the team’s inability to hit with runners in scoring position with less than two outs. A lot.

This has been evident to many this season on numerous occasions but no more obvious than in the first game of the series with the Washington Nationals when the Yankees had a 6-2 lead over Washington. Nathan Eovaldi was on the mound and while his pitch count was good it was obvious that he needed to be taken out of the contest in that 5th inning. Eovaldi was leaving the ball up, not locating and was getting hit hard. Those batters were not guessing and getting lucky against Eovaldi, they knew what was coming and they crushed it for three runs to come back to within one run at 6-5 before Girardi finally took out Eovaldi for rarely used relief pitcher David Carpenter who quickly gave up the lead in an eventual loss for the Yankees.

I can stand here and bring up 100 more instances over the years including Eovaldi’s second start against the Boston Red Sox that Girardi tried to give away or some of Sabathia’s earlier starts this season but I know you guys and ladies watch the games just as much as I do and know what’s going on. Girardi and his lack of trust in his pitchers and lack of instinct to pull pitchers when they are obviously tired and have become ineffective has quite possibly lost this team more games this season than the actual team has, I truly believe that, and it’s a trend that needs to stop, now. 

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