Monday, May 25, 2015

Most Popular Article of the Week: The Worrying about Robert Refsnyder Begins

I know what many of you are thinking, what in the wild, wild world of sports is Daniel Burch talking about? He’s seriously worried about Robert Refsnyder? Really? Hear me out people before you click off the site, un-bookmark us and never return to read any of my content again. If anyone is well aware of his week last week where he hit .400 it’s me. If anyone is well aware that he hasn’t had an error in over a week, an achievement for him, and two errors in his last 20 games it’s definitely me. I’ve been beating the drum for Refsnyder in the Bronx since last season and no one has beat it more than I have since his drafting from Arizona. I’m worried Yankees fans and one little quote in an interview put this overwhelming worry in my heart. “I was trying to hit my way out here (Scranton Wilkes-Barre)” and that he, to paraphrase, is no longer trying to be perfect. Keep reading.

When a prospect is ready and is essentially wasting away in the minor leagues no one knows it more than he does. We have seen it far too many times, a prospect is ready but is blocked by an aging veteran or another player and continues his minor league career until his development takes a tumble in the wrong direction. We saw it with Jesus Montero, and he never recovered, and we saw it with Austin Romine, who may never recover, and my worry is that we may start to see the effects of it soon with Refsnyder. When a player gets bored or when a player knows he has done all he can to warrant and earn a shot and when he still doesn’t he gets discouraged. It’s human nature. When you get discouraged you get bored and when you get bored you get unmotivated. When you’re unmotivated, well I don’t have to show you how deep the rabbit hole gets.

I’m not saying that if the team doesn’t call up Refsnyder like yesterday then he will be a bust of a prospect but I am saying if something doesn’t happen soon, especially with Drew petitioning to move to Mendoza Line down and rename it to the Drew Line, then the team may have a problem on their hands now and for the future. Refsnyder seems like a great player with a good background and upbringing that left him with a good head on his shoulders but even the most patient person can only wait for so long before human nature kicks in and based off his comments after winning Offensive Player of the Week and after disappointment after disappointment this winter Refsnyder may be closer to that invisible line then we think.

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