Monday, May 25, 2015

ICYMI: Troy Tulowitzki Just Wants to be the Good Guy

There will be no “Scarface” type scene in Colorado this season when Troy Tulowitzki is screaming at the fans and the Rockies ownership and front office to “say goodnight to the bad guy” as Tulo announced he would not be requesting a trade from the team this season. It was brought up earlier in the week that the Rockies shortstop may request a trade from the team after four straight losing seasons and a losing streak this season that has already surpassed ten games in a row. Tulo eventually announced that he met with his agent and decided he would stick it out with the only professional team he has ever known but I personally think that was only because Tulowitzki wants to be the good guy in the situation.

Tulo is the face of the Colorado Rockies franchise but has made it abundantly clear that he is a fan of former Yankees captain Derek Jeter and the whole New York Yankees organization as a whole and would love to play in the Bronx. With Jeter’s former position and Tulowitzki’s current position, the shortstop position, in limbo with Didi Gregorius not yet living up to expectations some fans, including myself, have begun clamoring for Tulowitzki in the Bronx. Tulo wants to be in the Bronx, he has said as much in not so many words, but he does not want to disappoint the fans, the teammates, the friends and the relationships he has built in Colorado and who could blame him. He’s a selfless guy, I like that in a Yankee.

The casual fan does not want Tulowitzi because of his health concerns, his contract and what the team would have to give up to get him but I don’t think it’s going to be as bad as many think it will be if he is traded. Because of the injury concerns, which would be alleviated I think with a move to the American League and a move period out of the high elevations inside Coors Field, I think either the price tag will be lower than expected or the prospect haul will be lower than expected. If Colorado makes Tulo available they will either have to eat some of the salary to accommodate a trade, and in turn get more in return player wise, or trade him for substantially less than he is worth to completely get the contract off the books. Not many teams can, or will, take on the entire contract, for example the Mets are not going to be able to justify that contract on their end of year spreadsheet even with the added revenue, but the Yankees can. The Yankees ability to eat the contract, which if he was a free agent right now he would command much, much more than his current contract pays him at an offensively anemic position, will help them hold onto some of their top talent and still get a deal done if the discussions were ever to take place.

The stars are aligning for Tulo to be the good guy like he wants to be, the Rockies to be the villain like they have to be and for the New York Yankees to be the winner after six seasons. Get it done Cash, bring me the good guy.

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