Sunday, May 3, 2015

Update: 2015 Alex Rodriguez Milestones

On April 1st we posted the potential milestones that Alex Rodriguez could reach this season if he remains effective and healthy and a little over a month later we have an update for everyone. Obviously the home run that tied Willie Mays forced the issue of this post but Alex is within striking distance of a few other big names in Major League history including the stats that were included in THIS original post:

Alex Rodriguez despite missing the better part of the last two seasons is still within striking distance of more than a few milestones in 2015. We all have heard the dead horse being beaten about if and when Rodriguez hits his sixth home run of the season to tie Willie Mays on the all-time home run list because of the $6 million bonus the team reportedly plans on fighting but there are quite a few more that the soon to be 40 year old may reach this season.


Rodriguez is just 61 hits away from the historic 3000 hit plateau while also sitting 6th all-time in RBI with 1969 RBI. Alex is a mere 61 home runs away from tying Babe Ruth on the home run list and just 26 RBI behind the great Yankees legend Lou Gehrig in RBI. Rodriguez may also pass Barry Bonds (1996 RBI) on the RBI list to take sole possession of third place all-time. Rodriguez sits just 245 RBI behind Ruth for 2nd place all-time and with a healthy next three seasons could conceivably push for that record, although it looks less and less likely.

44 hits away from 3000 hits. 12 RBI behind Lou Gehrig. 55 home runs behind Babe Ruth.
Pass Bonds on the all-time RBI list, Check!

Alex also sits 10th all-time in runs scored with 1919 runs. Even with a diminished Yankees offense I believe Rodriguez could at least pass Derek Jeter (1923) and Stan Musial (1949) on the list with an outside chance of passing Cap Anson (1999) for 8th all-time with less than 100 runs scored.

Pass Jeter on the all-time runs list, Check!

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