Sunday, May 3, 2015

Alex Rodriguez the Human Being

We all watched as Alex Rodriguez hit his 660th home run of his career off the bench on Friday night in Fenway Park. Some cheered, many booed and Alex Rodriguez cried. Alex was interviewed by the MLB Network crew and I tweeted out "Cry, Arod. Cry!" and he did not disappoint. While A Rod did not cry on camera with MLB Network and he did not cry on camera with the YES Network or even Suzyn Waldman, although it got close with Ma Baseball, Mr. Rodriguez balled his eyes out on the field in Fenway Park. Rodriguez won't say it but I will, take that to everyone that says he is a robot, not a human being or all ego because he's not, anymore.

Believe it or not the former New York Mets, Montreal Expos, Philadelphia Phillies and Boston Red Sox pitcher Pedro Martinez said it best last night when the MLB Network camera caught Alex balling on the field, Rodriguez was letting everything go. Alex knows he did wrong and knows he dug every single hole he's ever had to claw himself out of and most importantly knows that it may be too late to make amends on any of it. I think Alex finally realizes how far the might has fallen when Major League Baseball, the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees basically ignored his milestone home run Friday night in Fenway Park.

Alex did not ask the Boston fan who caught the historic home run for the baseball back and mum has been the word regarding the $6 million bonus the Yankees seem unwilling to pay. Alex may have finally matured in the game of Major League Baseball and may finally be putting the team and the game first as Rodriguez may have finally dropped his guard and shown a human side and that's an awesome site to see. See you again at 3,000.

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