Sunday, July 19, 2015

Forbes Has Yankees Ranked 2nd Most Valuable in Sports

According to the latest Forbes financial ranking the New York Yankees are still the most valuable franchise in all of Major League Baseball and ranked second in all of professional sports. The Yankees are valued at $3.2 billion second only to Real Madrid who is valued at $3.26 billion according to the list SEEN HERE. 

The Dallas Cowboys are also valued at $3.2 billion with Barcelona is ranked fourth at $3.16 billion while Manchester United is valued at $3.1 billion. I almost feel bad for making fun of soccer.

Here is a direct quote from the article linked above:

The Yankees lead a group of 12 MLB teams, up from six last year, in the top 50. Credit the massive influx of TV money, both nationally and locally, for soaring baseball values. The Yankees were one of the first teams to recognize the importance of TV with their launch of the YES Network in 2002. It has been the most-watched regional sports network in 11 of the past 12 years. Yankee Global Enterprises retains 20% of the RSN with Fox owning 80% after upping their stake in 2014.

The value of the Yankees is up 28%, and the team moved up two spots to tie for second place. The 27-time world champions missed the postseason for the second consecutive season in 2014 and only the third time since 1994, but the Bronx Bombers still finished tops in the American League in attendance, averaging 42,520 fans per game. The Yankees generated $676 million in revenue before deducting for $90 million in revenue-sharing payments and $78 million in bond payments that go towards stadium debt.

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