Sunday, July 19, 2015

Can Alex Rodriguez Keep This Up?

Alex Rodriguez turns 40 years old later in the month and despite being at an age that usually spells the end of a Major League player Rodriguez has been one of the best Yankees bats in 2015. Rodriguez no longer has to wear down his body and specifically his lower half by playing in the field as he is the Yankees full-time DH but will that be enough for Rodriguez to keep this up for the rest of the 2015 season?

Alex has played basically every day for the Yankees this season but getting a half-day off essentially by not playing in the field Alex has remained healthy and fresh for the most part this season. When Alex starts wailing at pitches and missing pitches with consistency that he would normally smash you can tell he is wearing down and needs a day off but Joe Girardi has been good about giving all his players the days off that they need. Alex did not play at all in the 2014 season and played in just 17 games during the 2013 season due to a second hip surgery and various lower leg injuries meaning that Alex may or may not begin to wear down the longer this season carries on.

The good news for Rodriguez, snub or not, is that the Yankees DH is fresh off a four game All-Star break and gets a few days off here and there in National League parks. All in all with a manager that prioritizes days off for his players, the days off during Interleague Play and the fact that Rodriguez does not play in the field outside of an emergency I can't find a reason why Alex doesn't keep this fort the remainder of the season and push 30 home runs before it is all said and done.

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