Sunday, July 19, 2015

Weekly Check In: Luis Severino

We'll start with the good news for the Yankees top pitching prospect, Luis Severino. Severino has looked great since his call-up to Triple-A and has dominated batters like he had in every stop prior to Scranton. Severino is building innings, winning games, striking out batters and absolutely does not look over-matched or scared to be pitching in the top stop in the Yankees farm system.

The bad news for Severino could be that the Yankees pitching has looked exponentially better in the last couple of weeks. Masahiro Tanaka ended his winless-streak in his last three starts and actually dominated the Oakland Athletics and the Seattle Mariners in his last two starts. Michael Pineda has been a ton better as well in his last four or five starts while CC Sabathia looks to keep the good times rolling this afternoon in the Bronx.

Severino could be called up for the Yankees bullpen this season but unless you believe that New York will rid themselves of Chris Capuano, and I don't personally, the Yankees RHP may have to wait for a September call-up, if then.


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