Wednesday, July 22, 2015

If You’re Not Going to Give the 2B Job to Robert Refsnyder…

Let’s just assume the obvious for the sake of this blog post and point out that the New York Yankees, barring injury of course, are not going to hand the reigns over to Robert Refsnyder at second base despite being younger, far superior, better offensively, much improved defensively, right-handed which balances out a very left heavy lineup, a contact hitter at the bottom of the order with speed that could give the Yankees potentially three or four leadoff type hitters with Didi Gregorius, Jacoby Ellsbury, Brett Gardner and Refsnyder and despite that nobody is wanting to lower the Mendoza Line the rename it after him. Let’s assume for the sake of this blog post, and for the sake of this is probably what’s really going to happen as long as Brian Cashman is in charge, that New York is going to go out onto the trade market to upgrade at second base, will we see a Martin Prado reunion?

In a typical Brian Cashman type trade I can see the Yankees once again acquiring Prado for middle infield prospect Jose Pirela. Pirela was not used often in his call up to the major leagues and his bat and defense seemingly suffered for it. Not every player can handle being on the bench and only getting two or three reps a week in the field or two of three at bats a week off the bench, Pirela may be that guy. In Miami, a team that is looking to unload expiring contracts but not totally rebuild, could use Pirela in a bench role or at second base until Dee Gordon comes back off the disabled list while Prado could be the everyday second baseman for the Yankees. Stephen Drew would be once again delegated to a bench role, for real this time, while the Yankees offense, defense, versatility and flexibility all improve for a minimal loss to the ball club.

If you’re not going to give Pirela a shot, or Refsnyder or any of the other top-end prospects in the farm system then do us all a favor and trade them. Pirela deserves a shot to play every day and so does Refsnyder, even if it’s not for the team in the Bronx. Getting Prado, assuming he and his shoulder are healthy, would vastly improve the team for this season leaving Cashman to once again dumpster dive for the position in 2016. That’s the new Yankees way though, isn’t it?

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