Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Potential Trade That Buys Brian Cashman ANOTHER Extension

The time of the year where fake Twitter accounts, rumors and "news" is upon us and that was no more evident than last night when I saw a trade rumor "being discussed" between the New York Yankees and the Cincinnati Reds. The deal, and more could be added to a potential deal, would essentially send RHP Johnny Cueto and 2B Brandon Phillips to the New York Yankees for 2B prospect Robert Refsnyder and catching prospect Gary Sanchez. If Brian Cashman can acquire an ace, even a rental ace, like Cueto for any prospect combination not including Aaron Judge or Luis Severino that may warrant an extension for Cashman with two more years left on his deal.

I get it, you see that trade rumor and you instantly scoff. The trade rumor could be completely falsified and likely it probably is but at the same time just because Jon Heyman and Buster Olney isn't reporting it doesn't make it any less true. Our friends over at Bleeding Yankee Blue have had their sources break deals without recognition and we ourselves have broken at least the Curtis Granderson deal with the Mets, again without recognition from anyone, so you cannot completely disregard someone based solely on the fact that they are not an "insider." Remember when Chris Cotillo was just another guy? I do, but I digress.

If the deal ends up being true this is an absolute steal for the Yankees in my opinion. New York could also include a player like Ivan Nova in the deal or a couple lesser known prospects but the fact remains that Cueto would be a Yankee while the team holds onto Judge and Severino, a win-win. New York would gain the inside edge over everyone not named Cincinnati if they chose to pursue Cueto in the offseason by acquiring him now while getting an instant upgrade at second base over Stephen Drew.

Phillips is a clubhouse cancer and on a downward spiral offensively leaving little to be desired by any team that could acquire him. The fact of the matter is that Cincinnati is likely to hold Phillips ransom in either a trade for Cueto or a trade for Aroldis Chapman so if New York can pay less in terms of prospects while paying more in the terms of dollars, i.e. Phillips' contract, then I'm all for it. It's not likely to happen mind you but if it did... wow. I may become a Brian Cashman fan again in New York.


  1. You have a better chance of being the GM then Cashman ever being able to make that deal. Remember his history is as a dumpster diver. You need a guy that has the ability to put a major deal together. The extent of Cashman's major deals the past few years is trading for a lite hitting SS in a three team deal.

  2. I don't believe this rumor, which is mainly why I didn't link the tweet in the post because I figured it was attention and follower baiting, but giving up just Ref and Sanchez for Cueto and whoever is pretty close to dumpster diving in my opinion. Cueto is an ace and we'd give up two Top 15 Prospects.

  3. Dumpster Diving to me is picking up a pitcher like McCarthy who had like 4 wins and 13 loses not picking up an ace for our decent prospect. Another dumpster dive move was Aaron Small or Shawn Chacon. Those are dumpster dive moves in my opinion.

    1. They are, you're right. Stealing Cueto for nothing is called rape (rape is such a strong word, let's use struggle snuggle instead). Shawn Chacon, was my favorite pitcher while in pinstripes.

  4. POOR DANIEL....being a bit delusional again ? Johnny Cueto, and
    Brandon 'bowel cancer' Phillips...for Refsnyder & Sanchez. Fine as long as you understand
    that Cueto will leave after the season, and Phillips will remain forever. And ever.

    All for just young prospects....who may be good for years. Oh well.

    But who really cares ? Scott Kazmir, obtained cheap, won last night for Houston.
    And.........CC, would you please take the ball tonight ? Thanks, my brother.

    5-1 Twins, in the fifth ? So what, you were not scheduled for another win...until Labor Day.

    Besides that, that the hell is written all over Sabathia's left forearm ?
    The Iran Nuclear Agreement, that NO ONE has read ?
    You have to vote for it, before we know what is in it. Here we go again.
    God help us all.

    1. I'm not being delusional whatsoever. I brought a trade rumor that was all over Twitter, never said it was my trade rumor. I think I even said in the article that it would never happen.


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