Thursday, July 23, 2015

Yankees Reunion w/ Jose Quintana On Deck?

Once upon a time the New York Yankees had a left-handed starting pitcher in their farm system by the name of Jose Quintana. Quintana was allowed to hit free agency after the 2011 season and was quickly snatched up by the Chicago White Sox where he has spent his career to date. Quintana never made it past Class-A with the Tampa Yankees in New York but made it all the way to the Major Leagues as a member of the White Sox, could that wrong be righted at this year's July 31st trading deadline?

Before you simply look at the stat line of 4-9 and discredit the idea of acquiring him please just give me a chance and hear me out. Sure Quintana is pushing double digit losses this season but he boasts an above average 3.83 ERA in his first 120 innings this season. Quintana is also pitching for a struggling White Sox offense that is giving him just 2.63 runs per game of run support, the lowest total in the American League. 

Quintana gives the Yankees what the team had hoped CC Sabathia would give them going forward, 200-plus innings every single season and a respectable ERA almost every single game. Quintana also gives the Yankees another starting pitcher going forward and a bit of an insurance policy if Masahiro Tanaka decides to opt-out of his current deal. Quintana is in the middle of a five-year deal worth $21 million that runs through the 2018 season. 

Going forward New York would have a rotation of Tanaka, Michael Pineda, Jose Quintana, Ivan Nova, Nathan Eovaldi and CC in some capacity one way or another. That kind of rotation wins a World Series, especially with the bullpen the Yankees have. The cost would be minimal and the impact, despite the minimal need, would be substantial.

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  1. Okay. Sign me up. As long as the prospect package is minimal and it pushes Sabathia to long relief.


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