Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Jose Reyes to the Yankees: Warming Up to a Trade

You guys and girls saw my rant this morning and now you know that I have the same “attitude problem” that Robert Refsnyder has. I’ve officially given up on any idea or chance that the Yankees will call up possibly their best minor league hitter and their best hitter with a control and eye for the strike zone, I’m done. New York isn’t going to call up Rob Refsnyder, period, so let’s instead focus on making the team better rather than complaining and crying about the non-move when the move that needs to be made is so blatantly obvious. Taking Refsnyder out of the equation sucks, and I take it personally but I digress, but adding a comparable or better piece can make things better. Depending on the contract situation when (if) the trade is finalized I believe I am beginning to warm up to a trade involving Jose Reyes to the Yankees.

We all know the back story, Reyes was sent to the Colorado Rockies along with a package of prospects for Troy Tulowitzki with the thoughts that Colorado would flip their new shortstop. Reyes is owed an absolute ton of money for a long, long time, $66 million for three more years to be exact not including his team option for the 2018 season, and for that reason alone a deal may be struck this month for his services. When you have mega-contracts like that it is not uncommon for a player to clear revocable waivers like Reyes did this month, remember the Rockies could always stick the claiming team with his contract and basically give him up for free. This way, now that Reyes has cleared waivers unclaimed, the Yankees and their GM Brian Cashman can do what they do best and that’s absorb salary in order to give up less in terms of prospects.

If Colorado is willing to eat at least half of Reyes’ remaining $66 million in salary making him essentially an $11 million player AAV wise I think you make the deal. $11 million annually for a player of Reyes’ caliber is an absolute bargain on the free agent market, especially when you move him, his defense and his bat to an offensively anemic position like second base. Refsnyder would be nice at the position and so would his presumed $500-ish K salary but the team can’t do that due to “attitude problems.”

Taking on half of the salary and contract for Reyes would allow the team to keep the likes of Luis Severino, Aaron Judge, Greg Bird, Jorge Mateo and possibly Gary Sanchez but it would likely cost them Refsnyder in the deal. That’s okay, New York isn’t going to play him anyway in my opinion and it gives the team a second baseman for quite some time. It also gives the team a few years to potentially shift Jorge Mateo and/or Tyler Wade from shortstop to second base to replace Reyes assuming the Didi Gregorius we have seen over the past few months is the Didi Gregorius we will see throughout his contract that runs through the 2019 season.

Trade Refsnyder for Reyes and kill two birds with one stone. Refsnyder finally gets a chance to play every day and the Yankees upgrade their biggest black hole in the lineup with yet another leadoff hitter at the bottom of the order. Reyes can handle New York and he can help lead this team to a World Series championship without hitting .190 in the playoffs. Play Refsnyder or make the trade, I frankly don’t even care anymore. 


  1. Good try Burch it will never happen for two reasons. First and foremost Hal has to take on scary. Sorry he isn't doing it. Can he do it? The answer is obvious as is the reason he won't. Second IMO Reyes has a poor attitude as well. I'm not buying the RR having a bad attitude thing. I think it is a smoke screen for the elf not having to upset his boy Drew

  2. MVP-MVP...Dam!...Who Dat ?...The Smokin' Revolver, almost perfect today...but smokin' !

    Now 13-2, should be 15-2...Nathan Eovaldi, there's your 2015 MVP.
    Now he has honed more deadlier pitches, so much so that he was almost perfect today.
    But, he did go seven !

    Even those two hot shot pitchers on the Dodgers, know their days in the spotlight
    are numbered. It's Revolver time. Prado did what today ?
    Forget Reyes, and his injuries....shang-hi Prado.

    1. 7 IP and 3 ER. Eovaldi the quality start machine.

      I am sort of glad he didn't throw a perfect game though, we would have lost Hans on the comments board. He would have hid in shame ;) I joke.

    2. You guys failed to mentioned that once again the water pistol got in trouble in the 6th and really should have been taken out but Girardi had only the rookie up so he stays with the water pistol. He was again looking at a 5 1/3 or 5 2/3 appearance. Threw again way to many pitches. He did have numerous K's. Butch I would like you to do a comparison of the water pistol against the Dark night and see how both of their win and loss records would change dramatically with the Yankee run support. 13-2 would not be his record.

    3. Here's a better one Hans. FIP, fielding independent pitching, is a stat that quantifies ONLY what the pitcher can control. Takes run support, defense, etc. out of the equation.

      Eovaldi - 3.52
      Harvey - 3.41

      Eovaldi is no where the caliber of pitcher that Harvey is but, if you believe this stat anyway and most find it to be the BEST way to judge a pitcher, he's not been nearly as bad as you think. Take out that debacle in Miami when he didn't make it out of the first inning and those numbers may be identical.

    4. Daniel....don't waste your time. You would do better giving a class in the graveyard.

    5. Little P does the truth hurt. I think anyone that has a clue other than you will admit 13-2 is a fluke. That's all that needs to be said

    6. Hanzel.....I relish in the truth. The truth is, Eovaldi should be 15-2.
      He pitches, the Yankees win. He stops losing streaks.
      If it is messy, so ? The job gets done.

      My book I found for from 232 BC.
      The subject of the book is...Sun Tzu. His thoughts, and how they play out today.

    7. Patty your Coors lite must be spiked 15-2...not on his best day. The Water Pistol should have 6-8 wins max. Has he pitched better than I thought he would this year, the answer is yes. Am I delusional on him like you are the answer is no. Let's see where he goes the rest of this season to next. Everyone but you has said it that the run support is huge for him

    8. For those that think Evo is a flash in the pan, think again! "Speed Kills" (that was mine, long before another copied it) even fastballs that have no movement, when they are in the right place at the right time and used with two other moving pitches. My goodness, 102 mph...hell that was damn near twice my best fastball.
      Is Evo a top pf the line pitcher? NO!
      Can he be a top of the line pitcher? Yes, it depends on him!
      IF (I still dislike that word) he improves as much next year as he has this year and works real hard I would say, he can be a very good pitcher. Anyone that can throw 100 +/- after six innings or longer with moving pitches can become whatever he wants to be!

    9. I would assume that we can all agree that David Price knows a hell of a lot more about pitching than anyone here?

      He said the best pitch in MLB is a well located fastball. He didn't say a fastball with movement, a devastating breaking pitch to set it up or a changeup to keep them off balance. A well located fastball.

  3. NEXT...Refsnyder has an attitude, so lets spend millions on "Fragile Reyes" ?
    Are you people nuts ?

    You're 23 years old. Your competition at 2nd base is Stephen Drew....batting .191
    Who wouldn't bitch. Send Drew back to Boston, and give Refsnyder his true shot.

    Jose Reyes...weak mentally, fragile to a fault, racist driven that you owe him his due.
    Declining numbers, inc the base paths. And, his Mets bloodline.....We can do better.

    1. Yes, we can Patrick, and he is sitting on his hands in AAA...with an attitude! Hell yes, he has an attitude...he wants to play for the Yankees and is worth the shot.
      The only real reason I can see for them not bringing him up is because he is trade bait for someone out there in baseball land. And I don't care about Drews HRs, he is a black hole in this lineup.
      I would rather have a player on base all the time, for the others to knock in and not kill innings!

    2. BROTHER KEN....I may not comment to you, as often as I wish.
      But, I read your work, and think of you often. ( Lets not get funky here.)

      The 'black hole', and Drew says it all. Send him back to Boston, if they will take him.
      Stay well.......but I am now, 'patrick'. Yes, time does move on.

    3. I think the Refsnyder attitude thing is a good thing. He knows and has said what we ALL can see and have been saying. There is no reason Stephen Drew is on this team. Give Refsnyder as many at bats a s Drew and he's likely pushing 10 home runs with an added .280-.300 average.

    4. The one thing they keep saying is, Refsy isn't as good defensively as Drew and less power.
      Well, as you stated, 10 HR's with a (near) .300 BA and covers much more ground...isn't something I would pass up.
      Look, people, maybe it is un-PC but, Jeter made more errors as an SS for the Yankees than anyone ever had or has, so what!
      Refsy is still learning and will for a while yet but, he has good hitting skills, speed, quickness, and his arm is about as good if not better than many 2nd basemen.
      Besides, I have come to the conclusion Ryan is a better backup at 1st, 2nd, 3rd and SS along with him being a righty bat off the beach.

    5. Jorge Posada was a good example of how good Refsnyder can be. Posada was a shortstop in high school and a second baseman in college. The Yankees moved him to catcher and he committed 38 passed balls in his first full season.

      Refsnyder, who FYI is a hell of a lot more of an athlete than Posada ever was, was drafted as an outfielder and moved to second base. He makes errors, deal with it.

    6. Sorry Daniel, I meant to say cutting Drew, for Ryan, not Refsy...I thought that was bad!
      I thought I had made it very clear how much I liked Refsy at second base. I should have known better, I guess. I also stated Mateo was being worked out at second base just in case DiDi is for real and Refsy can't cut it1

  4. HANSEL...I offer a book that you may like, and you don't respond ?
    Ancient Chinese history ? I'm patient.

    1. patrick, I loved that book it was my bible for many many years.
      I think it was back in 1957 when an old soldier gave me a copy of that book and said to read and understand what was written...then live it!

      “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

      “To know your Enemy, you must become your Enemy.”

      “know yourself and you will win all battles”

      1 He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight.
      2 He will win who knows how to handle both superior and inferior forces.
      3 He will win whose army is animated by the same spirit throughout all its ranks.
      4 He will win who, prepared himself, waits to take the enemy unprepared.
      5 He will win who has military capacity and is not interfered with by the sovereign.”

      “Treat your men as you would your own beloved sons. And they will follow you into the deepest valley.”

      These are a few of his writings I thought were very compelling, there were 12 commandments in all that I took to heart...I called them my 12 commandments...Dua!

      One can really use them in all walks of life, business, sports or if you are dumb enough...battles!

    2. KENNETH....Why did I know you were aware of that book.
      You are a very smart / decent person. Your men must have followed you well.
      Will speak again......soon.

  5. First off little P Boston got smart and brought on Dave Dombrowski a move Hal the coupon clipper should've made. Drew isn't going there or anywhere. He has pictures of the elf and you with farm animals lol. Second the only Chinese book I'm reading is called Chinese 69...two can chew. Thanks for the offer but one Chinese book is enough.


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