Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Looking Back At The Trade Deadline

It would have been great if the Yankees traded for an ace-like pitcher like Johnny Cueto, David Price, or Cole Hamels. But I think we all agree that the asking price for those guys, which likely would have included one or more of Aaron Judge, Luis Severino, Greg Bird, and Jorge Mateo, was a bit high. 
However, pitchers such as Dan Haren (traded to the Cubs), Mat Latos (traded to the Dodgers), and Mike Leake (traded to the Giants), were available for a much more reasonable price. Yet the Yankees were never truly in on those guys. 

Instead of making a move to acquire a pitcher from outside the organization, the only move the Yankees made to improve the rotation was to promote Luis Severino. Even though a lot of fans wanted to see Severino promoted, many weren't satisfied with Brian Cashman's lack of action at the trade deadline (the non-waiver one, that is). But how has that worked out?

"I'll give you a clue... not bad."

Here are some stats since the trade deadline...

Dan Haren - GS: 3, ERA: 5.40, WHIP: 1.467, FIP: 7.17
Mat Latos - GS: 3, ERA: 6.75, WHIP: 1.432, FIP: 4.40
Mike Leake* - GS: 1, ERA: 2.84, WHIP: 1.579, FIP: 4.53
*Leake was placed on the disabled list with a hamstring strain after just one start with San Francisco.

Luis Severino - GS: 3, ERA: 3.18, WHIP: 1.059, FIP: 3.40

I won't go as far as to say Severino will be the better pitcher for the rest of the season, but it's certainly possible. And one thing is certain, and that's the fact Luis has been the best pitcher out of the four since the deadline. 

Now, some may say the Yankees should have gone harder after a pitcher once they found out that Michael Pineda was headed to the disabled list, especially since it looked like it would be for longer than 15 days. However, Latos and Leake were dealt at about the same time it was learned that that's where Pineda was headed. And as for Dan Haren, I think the Yankees would have been better off with Bryan Mitchell and the bullpen, anyway.

In fact, especially if CC Sabathia can build on his last few starts (3.38 ERA and a .647 OPS against), Joe Girardi will have some tough decisions surrounding the rotation to make in a couple of weeks.

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