Wednesday, August 19, 2015

So Robert Refsnyder Has An Attitude Problem, Huh?

"Uh, yeah... Stephen Drew sucks."

Brian Cashman’s new name is officially ‘The Reacher” so remember where you heard it first. Cashman reaches his hands into the bargain basement bin year in and year out and pulls out players like Esmil Rogers, Chris Capuano, Andruw Jones, Brendan Ryan and Stephen Drew to name a few while ignoring the obvious talents that he has at his disposal in the minor leagues. He also reaches for excuse after excuse when it comes to not calling up players, Chris Dickerson was a great example of this in 2013 and Robert Refsnyder is a perfect example of this now. The latest reason, because they can’t bag on his defense as much as they used to be able to, is that he has an attitude problem. Really? Say it isn’t so.

Would you have an attitude problem if you hit your ass off in 2014 and got generally ignored while the team rolled out Brian Roberts, Yangervis Solarte, Dean Anna, Stephen Drew, Kelly Johnson and others at the second base position? Wouldn’t you have an attitude if the team’s offense was a wreck in 2014 and you rotted away in Scranton/Wilkes Barre because of “defensive concerns.” Wouldn’t you have an attitude problem if you shored up the hole that was keeping you from the Major Leagues, his defense, and still got ignored for the most part while the incumbent battled with the .175 Stephen Drew Line for much of the season? Wouldn’t you have an attitude if you were called up and showed confidence by the manager only to be sent back down and ignored once again by the GM? I know I would, I do have an attitude about it and I’m not even Refsnyder.

I have mentioned multiple times this season that the Yankees organization is doing more harm than good by sending Refsnyder down to rot in Triple-A. There is such thing as “over-grooming” a prospect forcing reverse development. We saw it with Austin Romine and we’re seeing it now with Refsnyder, it’s damning and potentially career ending in most cases and it’s not something you want to mess around with. New York has to call him up or they have to trade him, bottom line. Refsnyder has attitude problems, that’s why you’re not calling him up? I have an attitude problem too, maybe I should stop buying your tickets, wearing your jerseys and hats and paying my YES Network and MLB TV subscriptions. You’re hitting Refsnyder in the heart and right in the gut and maybe it’s time for the fans to start hitting you in the wallet. Let’s see the Yankees be able to afford another three year contract at an enormous salary for a GM when the people stop coming out to the ballpark or watching on television. Attitude? Attitude reflects leadership Mr. Cashman and your attitude sucks!


  1. Wow, first I've ever heard about him having an attitude. I heard about some issues like that with players like Sanchez and Heathcott in the past. Refsnyder seemed very good natured and humble in the interviews I saw. Is this really the excuse Cashman is using to justify his moronic decisions?

  2. Francesa did not give a source, so I'm not sure why Cashman is being blamed.

    The fact he's not up probably had more to do with Drew's 15 home runs. Is it right? Not IMO.

  3. Bryan, I would love to read the original article about Refsnyder and his attitude. Who wrote it and where can I find it?

    1. I haven't read an article about it, as I believe Mike Francesa talked about it on his radio show. Sorry I don't have a link.

    2. Correct, it was on the Mike Francesa Show. No article unfortunately. Here is a link to the exact quote though if that helps Jeff.

    3. I am sure he must have an attititude now after being sent down after only 4 games. I wouldn't hold to much to this story. Remember he is close friends with Murphy so I am sure Murphy advised him about things when he was up. I do think he is probably board in the minors since he has worked so hard to improve himself.

    4. Welcome to the boards Carmine. You're absolutely correct, if he has an attitude problem he has reason to.

    5. CARMINE....welcome to Greedy Pinstripes. All of us welcome you.
      I agree with your Refsnyder analysis. He just wants to bring himself up to
      the big stage. Others make a big issue over nothing.

      Please stop by again, and interact with the whole crew.
      Take care.

  4. $3 BILLION, and lets throw this years efforts under the bus.
    I wasn't the one that said my team is worth $3 Billion. They did.

    Follow the bouncing ball....
    * Most recent Yankee MLB news....Yankees designate Garrett Jones for assignment. Hmmmm.
    * NY Mets news...Yoenis Cespedes hits three home runs, has seven RBI.....Jesus !

    Cespedes should have been a Yankee, from day one. Years ago.
    The Mets got him at the trading deadline, for two players you can not name.
    The Yankees got the reject from Seattle.

    So stupid, so dumb.
    Where would he play ? LF.
    Trade away Gardner...nice guy, but he will NEVER make this team a winner.
    And, they could have dealt Gardner..........Giants ?

    OK boys...under the bus, with you.

    1. Trading Gardner for two months of Cespedes is exactly the deal the yankees don't want to be making. Not now and not for the future

  5. Has the Carnival left yet ?

    This side show of Jeter, Williams , Posada and wearing f'g thin.
    Unwatchable, and for what ? A retired #.......who cares. Go away !

    Jeter's carnival last year, was the worst. It helped to wreck the season.
    That whole act, last season, was an embarrassment. Jeter should have walked away from it.
    He was mired ceremony, of getting free cowboy boots.

    Now these other ex-players are carted out, like dummies.. Only to have #'s taken away....stupid.
    Save the numbers, give them a gift card to Kohls.

    The mgmt. should be focused on holding onto first place. Not having an orgasm over past
    forgotten deeds. Their time is done. Don't let the door hit you in the ass.

    Or, are we now at the point where we extract dead Yankees from the grave, and parade
    them around the field ?

    Come, and touch Bill Skowron's skeleton. Be there by 12:30.

    1. To be fair no one expected the team to be battling for first when they decided to honor these guys.

      It's crazy, they are doing this for sell outs and everyone knows it. And FYI neither ceremony sold out this weekend

  6. It was called "The Wall of Fame", back in the day! Now, it should be called "The Wall of Popularity"! Just looking at the names on that wall makes me grateful to have seen a few of them play.

    1. But isn't fame a measure of your popularity, or am I missing something?

    2. It is and it isn't. In today's society, maybe. You can be famous for all the wrong reasons and not be popular and vice versa.

  7. I found it interesting and a bit scary that the yankees set a precedence yesterday retiring the number of and honoring an admitted steroid user.

    1. True but he is Andy and a nice guy and pitched very well for the team.
      After all, he isn't A-Rod one of the best to come along in a very long time setting records even at the age of 40...without steroids. Most people know he could have done the same without them but, it is what it is...damn shame. I wonder how many of the HoF writers took or take drugs of some sort? Most have never played the game and have no idea the pressures put on one to keep up with those that are taking Roids...MacG, Bonds, Sosa, Big P, the complete (almost) Texas team on down the line.

    2. If you include greenies in the discussion I wouldn't be surprised to see 90% of Hall of Famers in the Hall now after taking something that was banned after the fact.

      I worded it like that because steroids weren't always tested for and banned from baseball, yet those who used are still vilified for it.


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