Monday, August 31, 2015

Twitter Poll: What About Nathan Eovaldi in One Game Playoff Game?

Nathan Eovaldi earned his 14th victory of the season yesterday afternoon in Atlanta against the Atlanta Braves despite only lasting five innings. Eovaldi had pitched better of late, although yesterday was not his ideal start that he wanted at this point in the season, and has added strikeouts and length to his game. With the Toronto Blue Jays leading the American League East Division and with the likelihood that the team may never lose again, slight exaggeration.. very slight, the Yankees may have to settle for hosting a one game playoff in the American League Wild Card Round. Who would the Yankees start? Would it be the rookie, Luis Severino? Would it be the ace, Masahiro Tanaka? Or could it be their winning-est pitcher, Nathan Eovaldi?

The Yankees offense never seems to take a night off with Eovaldi on the mound but I honestly think Eovaldi should not start that game. If the days of rest lines up that way I can't say I'd be less than confident along with the Yankees bullpen and short leash from Joe Girardi but if everyone is rested that start has to go to Severino or Tanaka. Eovaldi has been good, sometimes great, but his 14-2 pitching line may be a little deceiving when you look at it in the rear view mirror.

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  1. Burch you need to go to the looney bin, how dare you say the Water Pistol's 14 wins are deceiving. He should be undefeated with a .000 era and no hits allowed and all the batters have K'd against him lol

  2. David Cone & patrick, said at the same time, that it was insane to send Bird in
    from third....with Jackie Bradley's arm, and Chris Young on deck with bases loaded.
    Absolutely nuts.
    Another one, of the missed opportunities games, in the making.
    The Yankees ebola.

    1. He wasn't even back at third base yet when the ball was caught, had no momentum. Still not Rob Thomson though.

  3. IF................The Yankees lose to Toronto by ONE game, it will most likely be
    because Troy Tulowitzki, on his own, won a game for them. Maybe he will win 2-3 others also.
    Who knows ?

    The Yankees on the other hand, opted for the reject from Seattle...Dustin Ackley
    He got a base hit last night in Scranton.

    The Mets grabbed a Cuban hit man. Who strikes fear into opposing managers. The guy can't speak English, but he is the best player on a team that stunk.

    The $3 billion team got someone, no one wanted. The joker.

    My TV / radio are off, following the last bases loaded ineptitude.
    Life is simple, if you address it.

    1. Tulo will probably be a 2 WAR player in Toronto, Price may be as well.

  4. Hal and Cashman is all you need to know as to why we sit still


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