Monday, August 31, 2015

Recapping My Eventful Night at Turner Field

I may never go back to Turner Field as long as I live.

Well, I think we both know that this is an absolute lie but I had quite the eventful night on Saturday night when I took my family to Turner Field to see the New York Yankees face off with the Atlanta Braves. First and foremost, and I posted this on my Facebook page, that traffic though. We barely got to the game before first pitch after leaving my house at 3:00 pm in the afternoon. Granted we stopped at the gas station and Steak and Shake for lunch but still, four hours to make an hour and a half trip is ridiculous. I cannot wait until the new stadium opens up in Cobb County, about 30 minutes closer to my home from the current stadium. Also did I mention that I went to a game earlier this season and paid $10 to park in the same parking lot that I paid $40 to park in last night?

So we went to the game and it was pretty uneventful until the Alex Rodriguez pinch hit for Luis Severino. This was when the season ticket holder and Braves fan fell from the upper deck after leaning over the rail to yell at Rodriguez. The man died and our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends but it really makes you wonder if your hate for a man that did nothing to you nor anything that affected you is worth your life.

Game over, Yankees win and start spreading the news. Let's get the hell out of here and go home. You have your normal traffic, cars cutting you off etc. going home but the line is moving well enough until a 10 car pileup happens on Highway 75 north. It literally took over two hours to go three miles, two hours to go three miles with a five year old in the back seat that has a question for everything. With me halfway knowing the area I had the great idea to get off on an exit, go down a few exits and see if I can get around it but after sitting in traffic well over three hours now I stop to get a drink and some gas at the gas station.

Shots fired, three to be exact. Needless to say I am getting out of that parking lot in a hurry. The shots were off in the distance, not at the gas station, but they were close enough to know this was not the place I needed to be. When I finally got on the highway and saw the 10 car pileup I was amazed, someone stopped short and caused the domino effect. One person's front bumper was actually attached to the car in front of him and no longer on the car believe it or not, he must have hit hard.

Needless to say I was done after that. My GPS told me it should have taken 1:22 minutes and I was home and in my driveway in 58 minutes.... yeah.... what a night. I had to share that with you guys, hope you enjoy because I sure didn't.


  1. DANIEL....nice piece on your journey returning home. I've been in a few also. Hope
    to not go down that road again.
    With all the killings this week, Virginia reporters, Houston policeman...after hearing
    the three gun shots shots, I would have hung out my "White Lives Matter" sign.

    Trade today ? May be too rich for the $3 billion dollar franchise. Or, they may surprise us.

    1. Cashman making a run at David Robertson... ball in the White Sox court


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