Monday, August 31, 2015

Most Popular Article of the Week: The Quote That May Haunt Brian Cashman for the Rest of his Yankees Tenure

Let’s end the night with something to think about when you go to bed tonight, the one quote that may define and ultimately haunt the Yankees GM Brian Cashman for the remainder of his Yankees tenure. This quote came in the offseason when the Yankees were being second guessed about their free agent strategy and the decision to pass up the likes of David Robertson, Hanley Ramirez, James Shields, Pablo Sandoval and other big named free agents. Cashman may be hoping right about now, as the Blue Jays continue their aggressive play while the Yankees simply look tired out and ready for another winter of hibernation, that this quote could forever be forgotten and lost in the web that is the internet but I remember it and I remind you all of it today.

“Playoffs and then beyond,’’ GM Brian Cashman told The Post. “Be a good enough team to get to the playoffs, allow me to tweak in-season to make it good enough to win a World Series.’’

Has Cashman lived up to this “promise” or did he let the team down? I’m truly asking because I know the responses will be a mixed bag of opinions. Some, including myself, are okay with the prospects being relied on more (although if you’re going all in on prospects where the hell is Robert Refsnyder?) while others are not. Leave your thoughts in the comments section or let us know on Twitter by following and tweeting @GreedyStripes.

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