Saturday, September 12, 2015

Bob Nightengale is Drinking the Kool-Aid

Bob Nightengale is apparently a fan of the “red” flavored Kool-Aid that is being passed around by Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz because with his latest piece for the USA Today he went way off course. Nightengale didn’t beat around the bush in his article, SEEN HERE, either he got straight to the point making his case for Ortiz to be sent to Cooperstown, New York four years after his playing career is over. His opinion is his opinion and I respect him for it but sometimes a writer tends to dig his own hole, jump in it and begin to cover himself without even knowing it and Nightengale did just that in my opinion with this piece.

Here is a direct quote from the linked article above:

The man has 498 home runs, just two shy of the magical 500 mark that gains automatic entrance into the Hall of Fame, with the exception of those who have been caught, or linked to performance-enhancing drugs.

“With the exception of those who have been caught or linked to performance-enhancing drugs.” Oh you mean like the Mitchell Report in 2007 that showed Ortiz had a failed drug test? That same Mitchell Report that is keeping Roger Clemens, Manny Ramirez, Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa and will likely keep Gary Sheffield out of the Hall of Fame this season despite him hitting that “magical 500 mark that gains automatic entrance into the Hall of Fame?”

Bob, you can talk about the decline in home run hitting since drug testing was implemented and you can mention that Ortiz was not mentioned in either the BALCO scandal or the Biogenesis clinic fallout but that does not and should not erase his failed drug test from back in 2003, whether he bought “the damn pills from the mall” or not. His postseason resume means squat unless you’re willing to look past Andy Pettitte’s HGH use and willing to consider him for the Hall based on his playing career and postseason stats, but they won’t. You respect Ortiz, and so do I as a player, but he’s not in the Hall of Fame unless everyone is in the Hall of Fame. Bottom line. You’re better than that. 


  1. As you mentioned Ortiz was on the Mitchell report, funny how Mr. Mitchell was on the board of the Red Sox at that time, second there are a few DH's who are more deserving of the HOF like Edgar Martinez who didn't have the HR numbers but was a superior hitter than Ortiz. For some reason people are afraid to confront Ortiz yet they go after others who allegedly used steroids. Remember one thing, you may not like Clemens, but he never tested positive for PED's and yes I know Arod didn't as well, however he admitted to it the first time. Clemens got off in court.

    1. The Biogenesis scandal pretty much ruined any shot for ARod. If Ortiz gets in I riot, not even kidding.

  2. Listen we all know the guys that did the PED's. I also think Bautista on the Jay's is a PED user. It's proven you can get away with it and be a user. Look at Clemens and McGuire and others who didn't get caught


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