Friday, September 25, 2015

Looking Back at my 2015 MVP Award Predictions

The MVP Award is probably the most prestigious award in all of sports and especially in Major League Baseball and like every other award this season I took a stab at predicting it before the season. It's becoming a common theme that I'm not too great at these but honestly I'm okay with that. I take a stab at them and wrong or not I bring you the answer when it becomes applicable. I don't hide behind the short memories of some and I don't only post the predictions that make me look like the "Yankees Wizard." I'm humble, I wonder if Yoenis Cespedes and Giancarlo Stanton are.

It’s time for the big awards to be given out as I take a stab at predicting the American League and National League MVP Awards. These predictions are such a crap shoot and so much goes into them and so much can alter the award winner during the season it’s almost silly to attempt to predict it in March but it’s all for fun anyway so why not.

For the American League I am going to go against the grain a little bit and pick a member of the Detroit Tigers, just not the Detroit Tigers player that you would expect. I am going to go with Yoenis Cespedes winning the award and not Victor Martinez or Miguel Cabrera. With that kind of protection in the lineup and that many runners on base in front of him Cespedes should see plenty of fastballs this season, and we all know Cespedes is a dead fastball hitter. He should hit his fair share of home runs and doubles while knocking in a ton of RBI and scoring a ton of runs. He may not compete for a batting title but I expect the Cuban, who FYI is playing for a contract since he is a free agent at the end of the season, to be right there in the MVP discussion this season.

For the National League I am going to pick a familiar face in Giancarlo Stanton of the Miami Marlins. Until Stanton gives me reason to pick someone else for the award I am going to pick him year in and year out, which makes next year’s post a little anti-climactic for you guys. Stanton is still the best hitter in all of the game and especially all of the National League and has a chip on his shoulder in 2015. He has a much improved team around him, a lot of money to justify to the fans that he deserves and he wants to prove that he can still hit after taking a fastball to the face that ended his 2014 season. He will do all that and then some in 2015, mark my words.
As we look at my prediction for the final, and the biggest, award in Major League Baseball this season were in a word, wrong. Many are giving the NL MVP Award to Bryce Harper this season while some, and when I say some I mean only the Mets fans, are saying that Cespedes deserves the nod in the NL. Meanwhile in the AL, you know that league that Cespedes is no longer in hence he cannot win the award there, Josh Donaldson and Mike Trout are going at it for the award. I didn't mention either of them, that's my bad.

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