Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Quick Hit: Honoring David Ortiz after Booing Alex Rodriguez

The Boston Red Sox and their fans have a bit of a selective memory, don’t they? This is the same fan base that boo’s Alex Rodriguez every time he comes up to the plate, and not without reason, while they cheer for David Ortiz every time he comes up to the plate. When ARod tied Willies Mays with a pinch hit home run inside Fenway Park the crowd erupted in boo’s and the young man who caught the ball refused to even discuss the topic of giving it back to Alex yet the team honored David Ortiz for his 500th home run this week inside that same historic ball park.

Whether Ortiz “bought the damn things at GNC in the mall” or not the man failed a steroid test and was part of the Mitchell Report back in 2007. A Rod screwed up, and screwed up more than once, both with steroids and with the person that he truly is. I get it that Ortiz didn’t sue the Major League Baseball Players Association and I get that Ortiz was not part of BALCO or the Biogenesis clinic that Rodriguez was linked to but a failed test is a failed test, let’s not forget that.

Honor Ortiz, he’s as big of a part of Red Sox Nation as any, but boo Rodriguez because of the uniform on his back and because he’s good, not because of his own steroid scandals and drama. No one, and by the way Ryan Dempster is still a word that rhymes with wussy, threw at Big Papi for failing a test let alone three or four times in at bat. Even the playing field is all that I’m asking for because at the end of the day these men are just that, men. Humans. Not God’s and not perfect. Act like it. 

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