Sunday, October 11, 2015

The T.G.P Game for the Yankees Bullpen

Yesterday afternoon we introduced a game we’ve all probably seen across the blogs just with a different name, we call it the TGP Game for obvious reasons. The “T” stands for tumble, or get worse from 2015 to 2016, while the “G” stands for get better in 2016. The “P” in this game stands for plateau which means the player will be around their 2015 statistics in 2016, original I know but I like playing the game and I wanted to put my own gist to it. Yesterday we tackled the starting rotation and today we’ll tackle the bullpen.

Andrew Miller – P

Miller was fantastic all season long for the New York Yankees and I see no reason, barring injury or unforeseen circumstances, that he can’t be as good or better in 2016. Miller, in my eyes, will be a great free agent signing for Brian Cashman.

Dellin Betances – P

How in the world could Betances get any better in 2016? I can’t see him getting any better than nearly damn perfect but I see no reason why he might be worse next season either. He used to be a starter and he’s used to the heavy workload on the arm. Even visibly exhausted in 2015 he was still sharp when he needed to be, he just struggled with his command overall, and will be back to 100% in 2016.

Justin Wilson – P

The same that has been said for Miller and Betances can be said for Wilson as well. Wilson was a great asset and a strikeout pitcher for New York in 2015. He was a strikeout pitcher and an asset with the Pittsburgh Pirates before that and he looked just as strong in October of 2015 as he did in May of 2015. He can’t get better but he’s still going to be awfully good.

Chasen Shreve – G

It all depends on which Shreve we’re talking about here. The first half Shreve was dominant, tough on lefties and righties and a key piece to the dominant bullpen. The second half Shreve was terrible, home run and wild pitch prone and just generally ineffective. The overall piece of work should get better as I cannot see another second half meltdown in 2016 so I’ll go with better.

Adam Warren – G

Warren is here until further notice but he could start the 2016 season in the Yankees starting rotation before it’s all said and done. Warren shouldn’t be bounced back and forth like he was in 2015 so he should be more consistent and better in 2016.

Andrew Bailey – G

Bailey is finally healthy and ready to come all the way back from his shoulder surgery that almost ended his career. Bailey has been rehabbing with the Yankees for two seasons now and finally made it all the way back to the Major Leagues in 2015. There is no replacement for live MLB caliber hitters so Bailey should be better in 2016 with a few at bats under his belt this season.

Branden Pinder/Caleb Cotham/James Pazos/Jacob Lindgren/ Chris Martin – G

Going to lump all these prospects together as they all battle for presumably the last spot in the Yankees bullpen. There is no replacement for actual MLB experience and all of these men got that in 2015. All that experience should help all of them in 2016 as the Yankees super bullpen continues to mold. 


  1. Adam Warren is an oxymoron as far as I can see.
    He has all the tools to be a middle or better relief pitcher or, given the chance, a #3-4 starter. He has the ability to go more than six innings in every start. He is very deceptive in as much he hits 95+ with his fastball but will get it up in the HAPPY ZONE sometimes.
    He has a very good mixture of pitches and a bit better than average C&C of his pitches. I think he should be put in the starting rotation and kept there.
    Mitchell is his closest competitor as of now and should work his problems out in the BP. IF and when he can do so, he could be a better asset there than in the rotation...I think.

    1. Well according to Cashman he is a starter from here on out. We'll see how that statement holds up come April or May.

    2. I agree with you on Warren, I don't agree with you on Mitchell. He should stay down in triple A and work his issues out for a full season.

    3. He likely will, and the Yankees will use the excuse of wanting to keep him "stretched out."

    4. I disagree with that Ken H.
      AAA is not the big boys, the guys in the show know how to adapt whereas, AAA batters are learning how to hit yet.
      If Mitchell comes to ST throwing strikes and gets people out, he will be in the running for a spot.
      I want Warren in the #5 spot and Mitchell in the BP as one of the 4 headed "Whip Lash"!

    5. Reed there's something new that you disagree with me. When don't you lol. The kid crapped his pants and isn't ready for the bigs and where do you get your seasoning? In triple A where most players do. I would like to see a seasoned arm for the pen as well as another starter and right handed bat obtained this off season. Will we do it...probably not

    6. That is alright Ken H, Daniel disagrees with me (in a way) also! I must be wrong!?!@%$&*%

      But he may be kept in AAA for the start of the Season but, he will be back in one spot or another. I think A guy like him can help the ball club more where there is a need not as a starter but as the fourth or fifth head of the "Whip Lash" Club.
      He only has two workable pitches, for a starter...that ain't good folks! His fastball can be up around 99 with a very nasty curve.
      Team him up with Miller, Dillion, Willson, Shreve and we have one hell of a Killer Bull Penn.

    7. I agree that you need seasoning in AAA but you can only get so much in Scranton. There is no replacement for MLB caliber hitting and pitching. It's the next step. Mitchell has dominated AAA at times, he earns or benefits nothing from being down there in my opinion.

    8. Burch and Reed you both say he earns nothing being in Triple A and my point is every time he is called on to pitch he wets himself. As I have said with the WP, having a 98 MPH arm means nothing with major league hitters. Having movement and a 90 mph is better i.e Greg Maddux

    9. Ken H, this is Mitchell, not Evo. Mitch has movement on his fastball and a Killer Curve. Evo has very little movement and a split finger he has trouble getting down (sometimes).

      I would rather have a 98mph fastball and Super curve over a 90mph fastball and anything.

  2. Guess what I just watched ?...............From the 1996 ALCS game # 5...Yankees vs. Baltimore.

    No, not the whole game. I watched Cecil Fielder, and Darryl Strawberry hit back to back home runs.
    Remember them ? Difference makers.
    The Yankees were highly criticized for signing them during that stretch run.
    The media mocked them. The Yankees are so dumb....every day.
    You can not deviate from what the Yankees do ! The hand wringers said.

    But they did, and they won. George did that. What a smart man.
    He rearmed the team with power. Common sense ? You bet !

    This season, as you know, we reloaded with Dustin Ackley. I actually like him, but he is
    a paper weight....compared to Fielder / Strawberry types.

    It used to be..."the Yankees hit too many home runs".....mgmt. downsized that, and the
    team crashed into mediocrity. Did they not want to offend ?

    Now you get..."the rich Yankees get what they want" got Ackley, and Toronto passed
    the Yanks, and ran away.
    Am I nuts, or is fixing a inept team not all that complicated ?
    Has the 3 billion dollar team turned to jello, and wants to be a good neighbor with the rest
    of the league ? Sure looks like it.

    I say screw everything. If you have the where with all...go for it ! Dammit !...and they do.

    Who wants to wait 3 years for a minor league player to fall on his face, or says he is coming
    out of the closet ? Or, he is really a girl ? That's next.

    A Fielder / Strawberry type combo addition, and this 2015 team is in post season.
    Please don't respond, and say the Yankees hands were tied.
    That's BS, because George did it year after year......Look it up.


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