Friday, October 30, 2015

World Series Game Three Open Thread

Two down, potentially five more to go. Let's not get ahead of ourselves though, it's World Series Game Three as the series shifts to Citi Field, the home of the New York Mets. The Tuesday game goes over five hours and well into the night but when we have a Friday night game it will be over by 11:00 pm ET, book it.


  1. Remember big Lou ? My beer distributor ? ...I hope so.

    I wrote a nice piece about him back in early spring. A very decent guy, with a disarming charming
    smile, that has made him a favorite of the ladies............for years.

    Lou loves his Mets. He will turn the TV off, if they are losing. Has suffered through years
    of following this awful sad team. I expect he is envious of Yankee fans, but he never says so.
    He is smart, and knows that the Mets, are the card he was dealt in life. I respect that.

    Tonight he shares words, and beers, with Richi McSavney, a Yankee fan.
    Lou is serious, and bemoans Cespede' lack of hitting, the fact that David Wright may have a
    career ending bad back. He accepts his lot in life.

    McSavney on the other hand, I feel, has had one too many. He is louder than Lou, and is
    more vociferous. But, he is most Irish.
    Suddenly McSavney becomes a Met fan as prepares to leave. What the...?
    " Patrick, he says, the Mets must win tonight. Its their time !"
    I respond by saying..." I dislike the Mets, and hope they never win another game...ever.
    Not only that, but their fans are obnoxious, and juvenile."
    McSavney, will hear none of this....and drives away, reaching for his radio buttons, to most likely
    bring up the Met game.
    He is so foreign to my thinking. Maybe I should have started drinking hours ago, in order to understand ?

    Lou remains saddened faced, but smiles, saying..."my team will win tonight."
    I look at Lou, and say..." Best of luck tonight. See you next week."

    I laugh, as I to, drive off....Lou is the only Met fan on earth I would say those words to.
    I like Lou, and he likes me. We have a whole winter to figure our teams out.

    1. That Patrick, my Irish friend, is the best thing you have ever written bar none!

      A very humbling story, thanks!

    2. Richi and fans like him are the fans that forced me to write my "Why I Wont Root for the Mets" article. Don't understand bandwagon jumping.

    3. IF I had Richi's habit of going only for the winner, I would have abanded the Yankees back in mid1960's thru 1995.
      If one is a baseball fan only, I think it is ok to root for any team that is winning. One can be a fan and not have any team within 100 miles of one's home and pick a winning team from any city with a team.
      How, I have no clue but, we here on this blog, we have the winningest team in sports to root for...The New York Yankees! Nuff said!


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