Sunday, November 1, 2015

Bring Me Alex Anthopoulos

I have written a lot of these “Being Me so and so” posts before regarding free agents but I cannot say that I have ever written one about a member of a front office before, until now. News broke earlier this week that the Toronto Blue Jays offered an extension to their GM Alex Anthopoulos but the extension was ultimately turned down making Anthopoulos a free agent of sorts. The Yankees have an assistant GM position open, think Anthopoulos would bite on it?

This is a long shot, so was signing Don Mattingly to be the team’s bench coach (with some maneuvering) or hitting coach, and a demotion of sorts but the Yankees absolutely have to make the call. New York tried to lure Ben Cherington to the dark side after he stepped down as the GM of the Boston Red Sox and they absolutely have to do the same with Anthopolous. Anthopoulous is the man that is credited with building and developing the Toronto Blue Jays as they stand today. Anthopoulos, like Dave Dombrowski, has never shied away from trading big time prospects for established veterans and basically emptied the Blue Jays farm this summer for basically an ALDS championship but would not have that sort of power and pull here in New York.

Anthopolous could work under Cashman and presumably take over as the GM for the Yankees whenever Brian decides to hang it up or move on to another era in his lifetime. I have said many times that I personally thought that Anthopoulos was the best GM in Major League Baseball, and this was before he pulled off deals for Troy Tulowitzki, David Price and Josh Donaldson, and I personally would love his will to win here in New York.

It is a long shot, why would he turn down an extension with a team that is expected to be a power house once again in 2016 to take a position with a team with widespread change on the horizon, but it’s a shot worth taking in my opinion. I’m not holding my breath for Anthopoulos but I’m jumping for joy if the Yankees bring him into the organization.


  1. In a way, the Yankees front office is a place somebody would want to be.

    Think about it...

    The team is dedicated to winning (although some members of management don't understand what's needed to do that), so it's not like Alex or anybody else would be going to a team that's truly in rebuild mode, and looking at missing the postseason for years to come.

    And the team is willing to spend. Mind you, it helps when they have a lot of money coming off the books first, but it's not like they're going to have a payroll under $150 million... or even close to it.

    Alex can come here and be a part of helping the team build another dynasty of sorts. He'd have the opportunity to do that, and get paid well doing it.

    1. Here we are again, a perfect fit (and need) for the Yankees but will they go after him with the money and let him know he and Cashman work to gather. Their job is putting the team together the way it should be done...not trading away all the top prospects to win for one year but for years to come. Use what we have and fill in with FA's when needed.

  2. METS LOSE AGAIN !...As fans prepare to jump out windows.
    Make sure no one is walking below on the sidewalk, as you throw yourselves out windows. Losers.

    Here, check this out.....posted just moments after KC takes game 4.

    Gus Velanis.....
    " There really is one very obvious fact... Granderson has a pathetic arm and everyone who tries makes it into third standing up. d'Amaud can't throw out anyone stealing. The relief pitchers are just ok and can't be counted on in big game situations. Cespedes, Murphy and Clippard all helped the Mets get to where they are and they will be gone. Granderson and Cuddyear are here long term. Alderson has lots of work to do."

    Hope this moron didn't land on anyone.

    1. And just like that the city of New York still belongs to the New York Yankees. Mets lose in 5.

    2. My neighbor is in bad shape because he has been a Mets fan since a kid. I haven't got the heart to tell him they had too many holes in their game.
      I know how he feels, as a Detroit Lions fan!

    3. Especially with that bullpen. Thing is if Familia can hold those two games the series may be over and we may be signing a different story right now. That's the worst part about it for Mets fans. Well that and the Murphy error.

      If they got blown out and swept that is one thing, they gave away two of those games.

  3. PUT IT IN THE BOOKS !! the Mets play by play guy, Howie Rose, says after every
    winning game. Yeah, Howie, put in lose.

    The creatures with small genetalia were silent today. Some did not want to make eye contact.
    The ones that had acted out the worst, got the Irish broadside. Their lines wilted fast, under
    withering fire power....the stake was driven home.
    Good day on my high seas. No survivors were taken back on board, nor efforts made to do so.

    But, like a virus blown air born, they will be back next spring.

    This Yankee' mgmt. needs to put their swords back into the burning coals, and get it right.

    1. Would have seen more from Yankees management had the Mets won in 2015. I am betting the brass still feels like they run New York. Attendance next season may say otherwise.


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