Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Searching for Minor League Depth: Rex Brothers

EDIT: The Chicago Cubs acquired Brothers from Colorado in a trade today

Yesterday when we searched for minor league depth for the New York Yankees this upcoming season we showcased a former Yankees farm hand and recently DFA’d pitcher by the Colorado Rockies, Mr. Tommy Kahnle. We mentioned in the article that Kahnle was designated for assignment alongside three of his teammates, John Axford, Wilin Rosario and Rex Brothers. Axford is not a great fit for the Yankees and there just isn’t the room on the Major League roster for Rosario but I believe that Brothers may be willing to accept a minor league deal and I believe it should be the Yankees that are offering him one. Now.

First and foremost Brothers is still just 27-years old and is a former first round pick as recently as the 2009 MLB First Year Players Draft. Brothers was drafted 34th overall in that draft class by the Colorado Rockies and made his Major League debut just two years later on June 6, 2011. Brothers is still just first year arbitration eligible in 2016 and will not be eligible for free agency until the 2019 season.

Brothers has averaged, and keep in mind he pitches half his games inside Coors Field, a 3.42 ERA in his career while striking out 10.3 K/9 and walking just 5.2 BB/9, His walk rates are a little higher than you would like to see them but his home run numbers, again especially considering his home park has been Coors Field, are under 1.0 per nine innings pitched with a 0.8 HR/9. Brothers’ FIP, 3.89, suggests that he is the pitcher the stats say he is and on a minor league deal that would be a hell of a steal for the Yankees bullpen.

Brothers may go out and find a Major League deal making this post moot, and honestly at his age and with the relative risk in terms of contract, durability and age he should, but if he doesn’t then Brian Cashman better be making some phone calls. ASAP. 


  1. MLB Winter Meetings...Sunday 12/6- Thursday 12/10...Nashville, Tenn. ( Waylon Jennings country ).

    I think the Winter Meetings garner more fan interest, then at any point during the year.
    World Series included. All eyes/ears are fixated like lasers during this week.

    Sort of like being in the room, when your child is born. Such high hopes, and expectations.

    Some years you come out of these meetings with hopes beyond your wildest dreams.
    Sadly, as with the Yankees, the past 2 years you watched a tin can being born.
    The type that gets kicked down the road by former Yankee punching bags. Toronto, Baltimore, etc.

    I do feel encouraged that they are entering a brighter day. Youth is ready to move in, and
    patchwork players are being peeled away.
    We write about it here, everyday. Everyday.

    Lets trade players now, whose value is high. Lets find a young front end pitcher. And, pray
    they can find a fit for Ellsbury. Then, and only then, can they find that masher to put in the
    outfield. You need empty slots to fill with fresh/better talent. You know that.

    A wonderful Thanks Giving to all. Including 'bread sticks' Levine.
    I'd offer the same to Jersey Hans, but he would not understand, and would only get delusional
    to the point that he would want to beat up 78 year old people.

    Anne Marie, and I, will celebrate alone. Salmon steaks cooked on a cedar plank is on
    the menu. Stay safe. Stay well.

    1. Be well and have a soft wind in you face each day...have a great Thanks Giving, you and yours Patrick!

    2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Anne Marie. We have started a tradition where we go out for Thanksgiving dinner with some good friends that are more family than any family we've ever had. I regret it every year. Such a crowd. Have a good one guys.

  2. To Daniel and Bryan the two responsible for making this a nice blog to comment on and the rest of you Yankee fans...may you all have a very grateful Thanks Giving with family and friends.

    1. Happy Thanksgiving Reed, patrick, Levin, the Bryan's, Hans, and anyone else who sticks around. Make it a great day!

    2. Daniel....thank you for the kind words, and all the best to you, and your family.
      Enjoy your 'good friends', and the cold ones on ice.
      Viva La Winter Meetings !...take care.

    3. Happy T-giving to you Burch and Reed and Levin. Enjoy your day

    4. Same to you and yours Ken H...Glad to see you are still reading this Blog. Come on back and join in, the winter meetings are on the way...enjoy your Thanksgiving.
      Talk about discusions...this is the time of the year.

  3. Ken H, now is the time to get your revenge on me. I have been vacillating between a few different scenarios for SS and 2nd base for the future. Maybe you have a good idea I haven't thought of yet. I think we all hope for the NOW it will be Didi and Refsy, but not one game for 2016 has been played yet so, we don't know for sure.
    Any ideas?


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